She threatened to beat me with a skillet if I didn’t let her do this!

Haha! Told you all I’d get the woman more involved! She even came to me wanting to do this, and I encourage her. She needs to get out of her shell and quit being antisocial.

Riley is a lying Shithead…he’s forcing me to do this….well, bribing me, actually. -.-
hand pic : Normally I don’t partake in fads, but today’s bracelet grouping influenced me to try the ‘accent nail trend’ especially since the selected nail polishes coordinate with the bracelets.
Both colors are Pure Ice, the metallic pastel purple is New Lilac. Green with golden shimmer dust is Lucky Charming. Wearing two coats of the purple, three of the green. Green is very sheer as a single layer so i added two more to achieve a saturated sparkly nail.

bracelet pic:I’m wearing these today. Made all, save for the flowered one, which was a gift. Beads are a motley of glass, pearls and plastic bound by elastic cord

Another interesting challenge.

Finally made it back around while going through my blogs, and found this. Thought I’d see if we could get it to carry on.

Hey everyone,

I was sitting here looking out my window, at another beautiful Darwin day, as a group of people walked past. They were all chatting and laughing. This made me think about what they were saying, and then about them, when an inspirational idea hit.

What if I start a story (just a paragraph), then pass it to someone else to add the next bit?

Here what you have to do:

I have written the first part below, all you have to do is copy and paste the story and add your part.
Tag the next person, and everyone who had done it before you (so we can see how the story develops).
Post it.
It’s that easy. So the person I am nominating to write the next part is sonshinegreene.

The world had changed in the few years of his life. Where lush green grass, and tall trees had once grown, now only dried, cracked and red dirt remained. Taking a handful of the dead earth he smelt it, and thought of how this happened.
He smelled the rich headiness of the earth, breathing the smell deep into his lungs. He looked to the kid walking along next to him. Long and spindly with raggedy brown hair, she couldn’t have been more than twelve. She looked up at him, with sad looking brown eyes. “Where are we headed?” She asked as her belly rumbled in hunger.

Now to decide who to tag…I think we’ll go with Jackie G Mills, be interesting to see where she would take this.


*Edit* Realized I forgot to give credit to for starting this!

So, I for a very inspiring blogger award.

So I went to the site to figure it out, and this is what I find.

Yo guys! I dont do this sort of things but I was nominated to The Very Inspiring Blogger Award and the I must to it. Thanks to that nominated me. Shit just got real man! and then I the rules I nearly passed out. it goes like this:

The nominee shall display The Very Inspiring Blogger Award logo on his/her blog and link to the blog they got nominated from. The nominee shall nominate fifteen(15 fucking bloggers!!!!) bloggers he/she admires,by linking to their blogs and informing them about it.

Awesome, so I guess the list follows as such. <—included because I love that cats app! <—Beautiful watercolor paintings.<—About page is amazing, put WAY more thought into his than I did. Also, good short poems.<—A huge motivator for those who are submitting manuscripts. She helps put things in perspective!<—Book reviews! I should ask her if she wants to review my manuscript….<—Because I hope the kids of this world never forget what this generation did for us! For telling me that widgets ARE included with your free blog. for the tips on how to link your gravatar account. A kind woman with a good sense of humor. A wide range of interesting topics. Wonderful art. Yes, I love pictures. And if I wasn’t trying to show diversity, everyone of these would be a photography blog. Another author, fantasy for just about everyone. More wonderful pictures. New one I found today, still puttering about it, but thought I’d include it.

And last but not least….. a good spot to take a break or brush up on skills.

Thanks for for nominating me, and I hope you all have a wonderful day!


*Edit* Shit, I forgot the Opinionated Man, at Harshreality He’s another guy like me, with way to much time on his hands.

Link your WORDPRESS blog manually to Gravatar or We Won’t Find YOU!

I liked this so much, I had to reblog it! Thanks to Johannisthinking for the Info!

Footprints of Thoughts

Gravatar 2.0 - retouched Gravatar 2.0 – retouched (Photo credit: Daniel Semper)

Dear Bloggers, my Friends~

I have been visiting many Gravatar Profiles as of late in an effort to do more reading of the blogs of others. I have noticed that I am *not* able to find the WordPress link for many of you. I end up calling in the CIA and the FBI to locate you! I do not mind the extra effort that I put in to reach you, however, I learned from my own experience, and after having it pointed out to me by a fellow blogger, Steven,  that we have to MANUALLY LINK our WordPress address to the Gravatar image.  You do this by following the steps below:   (A note of encouragement to the technologically challenged, like myself, TAKE HEART, it is not difficult, because even I could do it! LOL)

PLEASE be sure to Manually LINK your WORDPRESS…

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