Maybe someone here can help me out….

So, I wanted to set up a mailing list, make it so people COULD choose to sign up for my blog by e-mail….but I’m completely lost from trying to figure this out. So, is there anyone out there that can help with that?

Btw, new story post tomorrow. So far Lov is in the lead! Don’t forget to vote on the poll that I finally got to show up for me!

9 thoughts on “Maybe someone here can help me out….

  1. In addition to the widget, if you go to the Dashboard, scroll down the list and you will see USERS—you can personally send an invitation to people to follow your blog if you have their email. Good luck! Also, it is good to set up a GRAVATAR because that can also increase people to your site…be sure to establish a manual link on your Gravatar. It simplifies a person’s journey to your blog. I have a very early posting somewhere on my blog that explains how to do this—because I had to find it and teach myself as I saw that as a problem when I tried to reach someone through their Gravatar.


  2. Hey, Riley 🙂 Looks like you’re on WordPress, so…

    Go to your Dashboard and on the left find “Appearance,” then go to “Widgets.”

    On that page you should find a widget that says “Follow Blog: Follow blog via email.” Drag it into your sidebar if that’s where you want it. You may also want to include the widget “Follow Button” which, I believe, allows people on WordPress (maybe others, too) to follow with one click.

    Hope that helps! 😀

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      • You’re very welcome 🙂 And it’s better to get WordPress for Dummies or one of those books. I read a lot of that stuff about a year and a half ago, when I first wanted to set up my blog (blogs). I don’t remember a lot, but it helps tremendously 🙂 I’m still trying to figure stuff out, don’t understand a lot of the terminology and features, but it works 🙂

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