20 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why My Blog Does Not Have 10,000 Followers

  1. There’s a woman that’s been following what I write, for the third time now, and when I noticed her following a now-defunct blog I sent her an e-mail to ask why. She said that she liked what I was doing and ‘wanted to spread the poetry love’. I asked after the why, wondering just what it was I was doing that she liked. Instead of responding to this with something resembling an answer she told me I should just be ‘open and inviting’ and ‘don’t be the guy in skinny jeans and a beret scowling at people’, none of this or what was around it answered my question. I didn’t respond to that second e-mail of hers but that response is something I’ll never forget. It prompted me to write a poem, ‘Too Much’ in Empty Forms II.

    Eventually she found her way to the blog that you, too, decided to ‘follow’. This time I did some digging to see what she writes and her blog and, well, I had to do some digging due to how it’s organised. I came across an entry where she wrote about either attending a workshop or reading a piece (I’m no longer sure which it was) and came across the notion that a given blog doesn’t matter if it doesn’t have at least 10,000 followers. This told me much about why she wanted to ‘spread the poetry love’.

    I don’t receive very many comments and I find ‘likes’ to be superficial because, however much someone may agree with or actually like what’s being said, there’s no interaction and no way to tell if they actually read the entry or merely clicked a button -by accident or to get you to take a look at their own page. Because of this I also find ‘followers’ to be superficial, completely unable to tell whether or not someone is actually interested and reading, legitimate spam, or just there to try to get you to return the favour and pad their own numbers.

    Of all the things I may or may not have, not a one of them is a fuck to give about followers. The shallow, faux-communication of social media can suck the roundest part of my ass. But when it comes to time, care and fucks, I’ve plenty to give when it comes to engagement and conversation.

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