21 thoughts on “The best advice I’ve ever seen from one author to another!

  1. *retrieving my notebooks from the trashcan*
    ”i don’t write crap” i tell to myself. ”well you can never be sure unless you try”
    2 old ladies who were just passing by stopped
    one of them gave me a piece of paper with the adress and number of a shelter for homeless people
    why do things end up like that -.-


  2. Great advice. As is “edit til it’s done.” I just sent back to proofs to a novel, and if they hadn’t threatened my life to keep me from changing anything more than outright errors, I could have happily kept on editing.

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  3. I definitely try and take this attitude about my writing, and it definitely helps when the going gets tough. Another great bit of advice I saw was from Patricia Wrede’s blog, where she pointed out that no novel (much less a good one) is going to pop magically, fully-written into your mind. It takes (as she astutely put it) “butt in chair, fingers on keyboard” time, and lots of it! And thinking about it that way makes it feel really good to sit down and write, whether it’s a paragraph or a few thousand words.


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