She did it again!

I think I might just be turning this into a weekly habit for her. Score one for the fat man!

Quit complaining, It gives me something to do besides edit your book. ~SLW~IMG_1143




With the fading of the last few stars
The dark was chased away by the rays of the sun ascending
Spilling and cascading from a firey yellow disc
reds and oranges shooting through shades of blue, ranging from pale to deep twilight.

Bracelets pic: i was inspired to create by the rising sun’s colors. all glass seed beads, and larger bound by elastic cord.

Nails: only color missing was orange (mine turned gloppy)…..still very striking and fun. It was a real pain in the ass to do, very time consuming, shitload of waiting.
The blue nail polish tended to be sheer and a touch streaky, (its old) used 2-3 layers. The red was bold and layered well with two coats, and lastly….the sunny yellow also in two coats.

Nail polish pic: the blue used on the bottom is Wet n Wild wild shine in Caribbean frost. Red is Revlon’s Red by Revlon. Top color is Naturistics super shine in Peach Bum

going to be upping my game, buying new nail colors, including orange, stencils, other tools and embellishments. Also going for more seed beads, and other stuff for bracelets.
~stay tuned~