Sara’s weekly whatever!

So, My wife was talking to me about making this a bi-weekly thing. She’s a huge Seahawk fan, like me, and she’s been thinking about adding a gameday post. Which is hilarious to me, since I had to fight her to get the first one up >.>

Yes, he did have to persistently fight and argue with me on numerous occasions spanning weeks.I’m a Very stubborn,quiet,secretive individual, preferring privacy over attention, except when certain sports are in session, them I’m loud as fuck, just like any other fan. I create a vast array of art and fashion items. From mixing my own colors of nail polish and other paints,fabricating wire trees, jewelry,and hair stuff to customizing and sewing clothes. I also draw, write poetry when the mood finds me….occasionally i’ll bake and decorate cakes, other frosted goodies.

Bracelets are a motley of glass, metal, pearls, and one with real amethyst chips.


Purple hibiscus flowers with yellow centers…bought these at the Puyallup Fair along with another pair of earrings that I’ll show at a later date. These ones made me think of University of Washington. They’re the school colors there and also my grade school’s. Would have bought a pair of red ones for Washington State University, but none were available.


I was inspired by nails seen during fashion week on various sites. This pattern was shown, none used these colors, most featured neutrals or bare looks when not metallic. The metallic lavender is Pure Ice’s New Lilac. Used two coats for desired intensity on full nail. I then applied my favorite nail color, a very deep green, almost black with tiny light green glitter flecks to half of each nail, also two coats. The dark green is Revlon Colorstay’s Rain Forest. All nail polish i use, come off easily with remover. I’m not one for tinfoil wrapped fingers, so i seldom use glitter polishes or other time consuming embellishments.