Sara’s weekly whenever! I made her procrastinate on it.

Been trying to think of what I’m going to do, now that I’ve posted my book up. Probably keep going on the GTA story here, and maybe introduce a health conscious thing. I mean, I have lost 110 lbs in just a year. But today isn’t about me, it’s Sara’s Weekly Whatever! I’ll move to the side, so the star can enter stage left.

I’m Far, far from being a ‘star’. I’m just a person, no need to glorify what isn’t there.(She’s blinded and doesn’t see it!)

I was inspired by my socks. They’re cheetah print over neon green, pink, and blue.
I paired them and the bracelets with a long sleeved chartreuse green shirt and black slacks.


All my nails are painted with three coats of NYC Long Wearing Nail Enamel in Broadway Burgundy Frost


I was bored and started to play around with a blue color called Candid Cameron, its Nicole by Opi Modern Family Collection. I used Supershine Naturistics in Peach Bum for the throat of the flower. For the leaf and stem, I used two greens that I mixed.


You can click on the images for bigger pictures!

2 thoughts on “Sara’s weekly whenever! I made her procrastinate on it.

  1. First, Riley, let me say I’m sorry I can’t read your book here : / I never read fiction online or on an ereader and barely have time to read the many print books I surround myself with. Wish I could though!

    And second— a VERY BIG WOWOWOWOWOW!!! on the 110 pounds!!!! Yeah! I’ve been all different poundage over the years and am now getting back on track again, trying to rebuild my resolve. I finally figured it out—after a lot of nonsense for many years following stupid ways to diet, I came full circle and back to the basics—the VERY basics—eat fewer calories than you need to function. Fewer calories in than calories used 😀 Yay for you!

    And fun nails 🙂

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    • Yeah, I hear that. I changed my diet A LOT, and started eating super foods, found they call them that for a reason x D Not to mention, all the prepackaged stuff is garbage anyways. If you don’t recognize the ingredients, chances are it’ll make you fat.


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