People just don’t understand.

I hate walking.

It hurts. I try to explain to people how and why, but I still get judging looks. My lower back begins to throb, before changing to a sharp stabbing pain. Feels like someone is shoving an ice pick in the base of my spine. Then there’s my mid-back. A constant spot of tightening muscles that never lets up, one that I have to deal with 24-7. Turn wrong in my sleep and I’m paying for days!

But i digress, let’s get back to the subject at hand. It’s even stranger when I walk with Sara. The looks we get when we walk hand in hand. EVERYONE, without fail, does a double take, as if unable to believe a guy as big as I am could put this little petite woman under my spell. I’m going to let the young guys in on the secret. You’re all screwed. I was lucky. Sara is the rare mix of 1950’s I should listen to my husband woman, mixed with just a splash of the current american woman, loud, out spoken, and powerful.

We keep trying to tell her, she needs to be louder, more outspoken! But she loves the humble pie, and is an inspiration of what my ego won’t allow me to be. I could tell you something that could be a contributing factor, but Sara says I can’t tell you. Most of the time I’d tell you anyways, but I’ve been pushing buttons lately, and I fear if I continue she’s going to stab me in the neck with a fork. She can fight when she wants to, and she does not pull the punches when I get out of line. Maybe that’s what I need though, someone to remind me I am just a man.


The brain nut! Chock full of good fats and protein, and just a little fiber. Everyone talks about an apple a day, but in my book, nuts are better.


Lots of antioxidants! That’s right, the same thing that has me drinking green tea everyday.

Good for the heart! The amino acid l-arginine helps to keeps your blood flowing smooth. (Careful if you have herpes, NOT a joke.)

High in omega 3 fatty acids! That’s right, the good fat!


A lot of calories for a little nut! They are horrible if you count calories.

Expensive! Even at the cheapest, you’re going to pay $8 a pound.

Best place to buy:

I really hate Walmart! Why do they always have the lowest prices! We’re going to live in a Walmart world soon, I sometimes fear. Still, when the next closest price is FIVE DOLLARS more a pound, and you’re poor like I am, you do what you have to do. $8.32 a pound.


Good Old Fashioned Nut Butter

All nuts should be roasted, but unsalted. Only for low sodium diets. Salted nuts for no sodium restrictions.

1/2 a cup peanuts

1/2 a cup almonds

1/2 a cup walnuts

1/2 a cup cashews

Easy to make, just takes time. Put all the nuts into a food processor, and chop them til it looks like peanut butter! Have utensils ready to scrape the sides. When desired consistency, scrape into a container. It will be good for six months.

10 thoughts on “People just don’t understand.

  1. Oh, I almost forgot. Walnuts, like most nuts are loaded with calories, but take heart. A 1/4 cup of walnuts only have 160 calories compared to the 200+ calories of other nuts. And they are packed with some nutrients some of the other nuts don’t have. Eat on dude, I find them quite filling. And maybe walking some day won’t be such a pain in the back and other places. 🙂

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  2. Living in Chile Raeski and I get a lot of stares from the ‘natives’. We’ve even taken to naming the different stares. Traffic stopper, day tripper, etc… Being ‘gringos out of season’ probably accounts for some of these looks others are just rude.

    We definitely know how a minority feels and will return to the U.S. with a little more humility and compassion. Now if I catch myself staring at someone I acknowledge them with a smile and a good morning or whatever time of day it is. I don’t know if this would help but I know I would appreciate it. What are your thoughts on this?

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