Gotta love it when inspiration hits. Stole the computer edition!

Went and spent time with the family for a few days. Was nice to see them, first time in almost a year. My 10 year old niece is getting so big! It’s amazing what kinds of things strike you after spending some time with family. I have a new show to watch, one I never would have watched without them pointing it out. It’s called Castle, and I love it because if you’re a Firefly nerd, as I am, you see how the two shows connect. There’s even a series of books written off the show, and that made me laugh. So, after watching the food for thought from this new background buzz, I decided to write a prequel to the trilogy I’ve already written.

I’ve also had to learn to deal with my arch nemesis, the notebook. Damned things always fall apart on me. But while it may lack the latest app, it does make up for it in nostalgia. Staring up at my teachers while they come and try to inspect my work. Glaring back up at them defiantly. She was an older woman, and she would give me one of the looks that said, “You know, back in my day I’d of wiped that silly grin off your face.” I probably would have deserved it, I was a child. But I was also raised to demand respect from those that demand respect from me.

Back to the inspiration. I’ve decided to go back and write the story of Nord and Amon, leading all the way back to the end of the dragon wars. I have a host of new characters, and you’ll finally see the Titans as the helpers they were meant to be. I’ve also been editing the hell out of my last book, I think I’m going to have to pay someone to edit it for Smashwords. If you want to post your book to more than just amazon, I do suggest putting it on there. Once you pass their rigamoral, they post it to as many shops as Amazon, easy.

And it looks like is going to be the cheapest one to go with to get a good formatting of my book. At $35 it’s cheaper than anywhere else I asked by a good 20 dollars. Anyways, here’s a taste of what the Titans used to say as they marched across the lands, helping the people and protecting them from savages.

They come, they come

To seduce you

Lure you in with Treasure

Change their shape to trick you

And lure you to your death.

Show you gold and riches

Make you drool with greed.

Elegant and beautiful

But deadly as could be.

They’ll warp the ground beneath you

Drag you through the earth.

There is no way to fight them,

Their massive power surge.

But never fear my little friends!

For you are safe in here

Dalanar will protect you

Inside his temple body here

That he sacrificed himself to give

A shield surrounds and protects us

Within these gentle walls.

Unable to enter they will punish the world

That’s why we must leave.

So give thanks and never forget

The wyrms, they still survive.

Be grateful as you leave for battle

As you have a home to return

So search out those in need

Remember, defend, protect, and Ward.

Let me know what you think, I know the cadence is off to be a song, but it’s more an oration. Like a constant warning.