Why I love, and yet hate, my spiral notebook.

I love my spiral notebook. There are many reasons why. No battery to die. I don’t have to turn it on. And the greatest, even if it breaks you can fix it with tape.

But there are some negatives, like needing a seperate light source, writers cramp, or even getting a pen stuck in the binding.

To my mind nothing compares for begining a book. Character maps and timelines seem to come together much easier if I write them by hand. But I couldn’t imagine living in Mark Twains time, writing manuscripts on unlined paper. Especially not with my chicken scratch.

I am young though, I grew up in the rise of the computer. I’m the kid that taught teachers how to use the internet. So maybe I’m just spoiled, and the stories would’ve come anyways. But I do know the work would be harder without my spiral notebook.

Sara should have another post up this week. Poor woman hasn’t been feeling well the past week, but I’m hoping she can shake it off. Hope you all have a wonderful day!