My, how times change.

I consider myself a young man. Being only thirty, I’m younger than Albert Einstein was when he came up with the theory of Relativity. But over the course of my lifetime I’ve seen dramatic changes in our society. Some for the good, some for the bad. I’ve seen regimes topple, watched as countries were shrouded in genocide, seen horrific civil wars. I’ve even watched the news show a man being beheaded.

However, there is one unsettling trend I’ve seen recently from young people. It’s one I even find myself being guilty of a thousand times and more. That’s the trend to hop into a car for a ride to a store two blocks away. Now understand, I am not attacking a personal right to be lazy. As a fat man I proudly say you should be as lazy as your health will take.

You see, Sara wanted to walk to the store for milk. She dressed, and walked to the store. As she walked out the door, a younger friend asked, “Why didn’t she ask for a ride?” Innocent enough statement, but one that made me think.

I remember a story my Mother once told me. It was the 60’s, and a cold snow storm passed through Seattle. My Nana wanted a six pack from the store. So she walked! She could’ve gotten a ride, but she chose to walk.

For some reason that began to change with my generation. We went from walking and riding bikes to driving everywhere! Even if it was only a half a mile to the store down the road. That to me is society’s most unsettling change.

There’s two last things I want to bring up, and that’s the bees and the elephants. Please take a moment to check out these sites.

Hope you all have a good week!