Sara’s Weekly Whatever, Seahawks returning to the Super Bowl Edition

That’s right folks, it’s that time of year again. Can you smell the championship air? GO HAWKS!

IMG_1346 IMG_1347

Applied two coats of Scherer Chameleon Blue Sky nail polish. Be sure nails are completely dry between applying coats with this color or else it may streak, clump, or other damage.

I looked over my green nail polishes and decided to tip nails with two coats of Maybelline Color Show holographic Mystic Green nail lacquer.

Looking at the two colors , I felt that something could be added so I painted the tip of the green silver , using L.A. Colors Color Craze Live nail polish


Close up of thumb


Bracelets : same as last week

So I received my first negative review today, and that’s okay.

And let this be my lesson as a new author to NOT SHIP THE BOOK TO PEOPLE UNTIL I’M A HUNDRED PERCENT SATISFIED WITH IT! If it’s not ready, IT’S NOT READY! DON’T RUSH IT!!!! Truth to tell the first version I sent out for reviews, I regretted sending them after I did. But live and learn!

Anyways, as always the review is welcome, and does offer some insight into why they couldn’t get into the book. You can see the review yourself at I want to thank Melissa for the review, and maybe I’ll ask her to review my next one when it’s ready.