No Substitute for Experience and Early TBT

Silvia Writes

Yours truly, cca ’93

Here’s an early throwback-Thursday question that’s been floated around forever, another curiosity that makes us distinctly human in our ability to ponder, wonder, and pass time.

If you could, what would you tell your younger self, and why? There’s no substitute for life experience after all, so looking back at this point is easy, even if in an abstract form.

I would tell my younger self to stop fretting, to spend more time making memories, reading. To just chill. Sure, work hard, but also chill. Things work out in time, and if they don’t there’s a reason, and you’ll get your answers.

And it’s perfectly okay to poke fun at life — in fact, do more of that. Laugh your head off every change you get. Cry only if you must.

 ~~ What about you?What would you tell your younger self, and why?

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