So I’m thinking about branching out into book reviews….

I’ve noticed something as I prowl the internet in search of people to read and rate my book without me having to pay. While there are tons of reviewers out there, there aren’t enough! So after talking to Sara about it, we’ve decided we might be branching out into book reviews. No porn books or sloppy love stories(Read romance or erotica), they get enough spotlight. Let me know what you guys think.

Oh, and I guess I should add in a weight loss update, since I haven’t in awhile. Weighed myself this morning, that’s two days under 510 pounds. Now I’m up to 130 pounds lost in just over a year.

Ethical Author Code

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I'm an Ethical Author

A couple of weeks ago the Alliance of Independent Authors announced the establishment of an Ethical Author Code in response to a general concern about the behaviour of some authors, both self-published and traditionally published. Like the vast majority of authors I know, I already follow the principles behind this code but I believe there is a real value in stating this more explicitly.

I would encourage any of my author friends to also publicly commit to this code. It doesn’t cost you anything, you aren’t signing up to an organisation, it is just a public declaration to behave responsibly and ethically in all aspects of your writing career.

To find out more, please either click on the image above or click on the link here.

Ethical Author Code

Guiding principle: Putting the reader first

When I market my books, I put my readers first. This means that I…

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