Getting reviews is a pain in the butt….

I’ve spent the past week doing nothing but writing people asking for reviews on my books, and I think I’ve typed more words than I did for my entire series. I didn’t think you could get writers cramp on a keyboard, but I have been proven wrong. The good news is, I have managed to pick up a few reviewers! I have to say, being an army brat sure does help in being an author. It teaches you all about the hurry up and wait.

Sara’s Weekly Whatever, Seahawks returning to the Super Bowl Edition

That’s right folks, it’s that time of year again. Can you smell the championship air? GO HAWKS!

IMG_1346 IMG_1347

Applied two coats of Scherer Chameleon Blue Sky nail polish. Be sure nails are completely dry between applying coats with this color or else it may streak, clump, or other damage.

I looked over my green nail polishes and decided to tip nails with two coats of Maybelline Color Show holographic Mystic Green nail lacquer.

Looking at the two colors , I felt that something could be added so I painted the tip of the green silver , using L.A. Colors Color Craze Live nail polish


Close up of thumb


Bracelets : same as last week

So I received my first negative review today, and that’s okay.

And let this be my lesson as a new author to NOT SHIP THE BOOK TO PEOPLE UNTIL I’M A HUNDRED PERCENT SATISFIED WITH IT! If it’s not ready, IT’S NOT READY! DON’T RUSH IT!!!! Truth to tell the first version I sent out for reviews, I regretted sending them after I did. But live and learn!

Anyways, as always the review is welcome, and does offer some insight into why they couldn’t get into the book. You can see the review yourself at I want to thank Melissa for the review, and maybe I’ll ask her to review my next one when it’s ready.

The world is made of our perceptions.

Hey, how’s it going? I know some of you out there like my musings, I know others that probably think I’m insane. But I also know that I can’t quit being me.
Let me put this in perspective. I believe we shape our world. How we look, how everyone else sees us, is all based on our perceptions. And the labels that come with that perception shapes us.
Before age four, I was skinny as a rail. You could count my ribs. And then I had my tonsils removed. I can still hear the doctors voice as he said it. “Your son might put on weight after this surgery.” Before I heard those words, you would have looked at me and thought malnourished before obese. And then the weight began to pack on.
At age six, I was told I was fat. Everyone told me so. Students, teachers, other random people. Rather than fight the perspective I embraced it. In so doing my size changed in my perspective.
So, I grew. People came up with jokes to tease me about being fat, I came up with better ones. I used their weapons as a shield and in so doing I made lifestyle choices that made me fat. All my choices, all in how I perceived myself.
I’ve often wondered if the same thing happens to short people. They hear all their lives they’re going to be short, and poof! They’re short.
So, I’ve got a positive message of the day. The lie I tell myself whenever I see some of the disgusting fucked up shit we see in this world. I mean the shit that makes you want to claw your eyes out so you never need to see the sight again. I repeat the famous refrain of some of the “New Age ” people(ex., a sound piece of advice. Fake it til you make it. One friend has even taken the thought so far as to call me slim. “If that’s how you see yourself, then I’ll try to see you that way, too.” I’ve lost 130 lbs since that day.
So, I say we follow the words of Martin Luther King and choose to fight hate with love. If the eyes are a window of the soul, but also a projector of reality, then what we project is put into the world. Remember that as you leave your house.
Smile at strangers, wave to the cars passing by. Tell that ugly person he/she is cute. Start caring about others again! The evil that exists among us only exists because we let it. The labels that limit us are just that, labels. And if the food industry has taught me on thing, it’s that labels lie. (Can you say raspberry or vanilla anyone?
I’m not saying bad shit doesn’t happen, and I don’t invoke the lessons of my Catholic upbringing often, but I believe the Book of Job shows what I mean best.
God sent curses and killed his family, tortured Job like he were a George R R Martin character, but because of how Job perceived it, he was able to persevere.
You shape your world. You want a better one, you need to make it.

Sara’s Weekly Whatever, Gotta beat the Panthers edition

In the famous words of the Seahawks esteemed quarterback, GO HAWKS!

This design is for the fellow Twelves out there! We are loud and proud.

Seattle Seahawks Twelve nails


Painted nails laterally in half with L.A. Girl Magnetic nail polish , it has no name for the color , but its a deep metallic ocean blue. Used three coats.

For other lateral half I used three layers of Pure Ice’s Lucky Charming, a bright cheery sparkly green.

I then used L. A. Colors Color Craze’s Live, a vibrant silver to tip nails.

Using a white by 4 East Cosmetics, I drew a 12 with a toothpick on each nail.

A close up of the design.


Bracelets My usual quartet paired with leaves in green and frost accented by a strand with dark blue pearls.


So I received my 2nd review today….

From one Samantha Gregory, author of Daemon Persuasion. You can check out her site here:

To quote, from Amazon: Lov is a sixteen year old half dragon. On his birthday he goes out hunting with his uncle, but while out Lov senses that something has happened to his father. They return to their village to find it has been decimated by Titans and his father is dead. With his mother missing, Lov and his uncle, along with his uncles friend Jaxon, set out to find her and get revenge on the titans. Writing about fantastical lands and dragons can stretch the imagination, but Lov was a relatable character. He is a sixteen year old boy, staring out in life and he has to grow up fast after the attack. I really enjoyed this tale and I would recommend it.

I just wanted to spread the word a bit about her, help her get some more recognition for her writing. She’s given me a copy of Daemon Persuasion to read, and I’m looking forward to checking it out! Be sure to keep an eye out for the review soon. Anyways, hope you all have a wonderful day!