Another in the #SupportIndieAuthor series…

So I’ve met a lot of interesting people doing this writing thing. They’re just as varied, if not more so, than the psychopaths I used to know in the hospitals. Today, I’d like to introduce you to what I’m sure is my latest insane friend. Though I’ve only met him last week, I can already feel a kindred geek soul with him. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you V.M. Sawh.


V.M. Sawh was born in South America and grew up in Toronto, Canada. He’s had pen and paper in his hand since he was 6 years old and his first trilogy of novels was completed at age 16. Despite the urging of his Writer’s Craft professor, he didn’t publish at the time. He’s spent the years between then and now honing his craft and engaging in all manner of geeky pursuits including assembling a ridiculous collection of graphic novels, anime and movies.

He often fears that if he doesn’t write, the characters in his head will sing Barbara Streisand songs to him non-stop until their stories are told.

He currently resides in Markham, Ontario, Canada with his lovely wife Kristin and his cats – the devoted lover-of-tummy-rubs, Beatrix and the psychotic jungle predator, Buffy.

Some Fun Facts:

i) As part of the launch for “Cinders”, I was featured in the January 2014 issue of the Toronto Sun newspaper:…

ii) “Cinders” and “Hontas” have made it to #1 on Amazon’s Hot New Releases List.

iii) I’ve been a Featured Author on Ann Livi Andrews’ Blog.

iv) I’ve also been featured on Steve White’s Bloggabook.

v) The Modest Verge Book Review just reviewed “Anastasia” in January 2015.

vi) Completed my first trilogy of novels by age 16.

Contact Links:

Website: (for The Official)

Pinterest: (for The Pretty Pictures)

Facebook: (for The Issue Discussions)

Goodreads: (for What Readers Think)

Twitter: @VMS_author (for the Random & the Immediate)

Here are the ebooks:

Welcome to Good Tales For Bad Dreams, a short-fiction series of re-imagined fairy tales. Each story is set in a different time and place. Some will be familiar, others will not. So, strip bare your assumptions, open your mind and see these tales told like never before

1. “Cinders” –…

As a slave in the bawdy Black House, Rella longs to escape the whips and chains of her existence. She is chosen for a dangerous mission and offered a chance at freedom. There is only one condition: first she must assassinate the Prince.

2. “Anastasia” – now FREE on Wattpad:…

The plot to fool the Russian Royal Family had many casualties, none more so than the would-be Anastasia. Fleeing across the seas with her fate in her hands, this is story of Anna, a Sister of the Black House and Stepsister to the girl who would be Cinderella.

3. “Hontas” –…

In this rip-roaring Wild West adventure, intrepid bounty hunters Pocahontas and John embark on a dangerous mission to stop a train run by a sadistic, slave-driving madman.

Q & A:

1. What do you do to keep your spirits up through a bad review?
I think of that one reader who will take a chance on something I’ve written. My own inspirations have often been rather random and off-beat. So my hope is that my work will be somebody else’s peculiar inspiration. A bad review is really just fuel for my next work. A lot of the so-called classics were savaged by the critics of their day. I’m aiming more for the cult following. Come to me, my precious freaks…

2. What has been your greatest inspiration for writing your story?
Believe it or not, failure. I originally started this series for another anthology on a whim. When it didn’t make the publication, I asked myself what I really wanted to do with the story, devoid of the limitations required by the publishers. When I’d written it, I had been inspired by a piece of music by Kenji Kawaii called “Making of Cyborg”. Going back to that, I rewrote it into a story that I really wanted to tell. That story became “Cinders”.

3. Are there any people you feel need a shout out for supporting you?
My wonderful wife, Kristin, my sister Krita for always pushing me when I wanted to quit. I’d like to thank Mark Leslie from Kobo for spending an hour talking to a disillusioned young writer one day after a conference. He encouraged me to put it out there, as it wasn’t going to find its audience from inside my desk drawer. Finding fellow authors like Ann Livi Andrews, Joanna Penn and Chuck Wendig makes me feel connected to the writing community and a little less lonely in the struggle.

4. Has self-publishing taught you any lessons that you feel will help you in life?
Perseverance. You can’t wait for the world to come knocking on your door, because if it does, it’s most likely the Feds. You need to put on your best Iron Man and take flight on your own. You’ll either fall flat on your face, or maybe, just maybe, you’ll get high enough to see the world a little differently.

and last, What’s your favorite color?
Tron Blue. From a Lightcycle. With me on it.

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A note to my wonderful, beautiful wife.

I love you, honey. I don’t know if I tell you this enough, but I do. You’re smart, caring, and wonderful, even when you’re glaring lasers through my skull.

Your smile warms my heart and sends my soul soaring with joy.
With you, I can touch the clouds.
Thank you, thank you for putting up with all my bullshit.
Thank you for dealing with my sometimes childish nature.
Thank you for being there and supporting me through every step of our journey together.
I know that without you, I’d be half the writer I am today.
I know that without you, my life would be half as bright and colorful.
You are the rock that holds me steady in a current, the tree that sways gently in the hurricane’s wind. And I love you.

#RileyAmosReviews, The Journeyman Edition!

The Commons: Journeyman by Michael Alan Peck
Holy crap…that’s all I can say about this book. It was an awesome, fun, and exciting page turner from start to finish. Paul is a young man on a journey full of a wide and varied cast. The author did a masterful job of crafting his world. As a visual thinker I couldn’t help but picture a similar style to Disney’s Treasure Planet, rife with life and detailed, amazing environments.
I want to say so much about this book, but I don’t want to be that spoiler guy. If you love an adventure, read this book. 5 stars.

Awesome book, man.

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Sara’s Weekly Whatever, the Huskies suck in College Basketball, but I can still show my support edition!

colors used : Pure Ice’s New Lilac ( metallic purple)

Revlon Street Wear’s Gold Mine (sheer gold, very pale with purple undertones)

Apply the purple to full nails, first coat will be streaky with not so great coverage. Hue and saturation dramatically improve with second coat. Let dry.

this gold i use for layering and special effects. As a color, the first coat will leave a very subtle shimmery effect over whatever you’re using. to get tips like mine with this gold. you will need to do two coats on the tips,making certain to let dry.

If you don’t wait long enough, the gold will smear and smudge off the tips. It’s my second time doing New Lilac paired with Gold Mine, only cause I got impatient.

IMG_1371 a close up of this pretty pairingIMG_1372

I don’t have many gold beads but I did like how these look together and complement the nails. IMG_1373

Pictures of my wreath decorated for February.  I’m still figuring out next month’s wreath decor. When done, I’ll not wait so long before showing it here.IMG_1378 IMG_1379

Riley Amos Reviews, Flynn’s Gold edition

Damn I’ve been busy today. Three posts up, and all before 5. *Edit I guess it helps if I include a LINK*

I’ll say it right now. This book was slow to start, but once it got going it was a fun quick read. If you buy it STICK WITH IT, the story is good.


The author did a wonderful job with the characters.

The story itself was VERY engaging and full of quick wit between friends.

Fun, fast read


The letter at the start was just too long, interesting but long.

It could still use a little tightening up in the dialogue, and there were a couple tense issues, but not many.


Easily a 4.5/5 I really enjoyed the characters of this book. They were a little serious, but always joking with each other. A good buddy adventure story.

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#SupportIndieAuthors, How’s publishing going? Edition.

So a bit of an update for those paying attention to me….(I know, it’s the psychopath in me, he tells me it’s all about me!)I wanted to give you guys an update on how publishing is going.
Right now, I’m happy I was an army brat and had a father that taught me the meaning of “Hurry the fuck up and wait.” We’ve already done the first 4 chapters of what will be 12, but now I guess they need time to read the manuscript and make corrections.(Anyone else think we should finish building AI’s so they can do all that hard crap?)
I’ve picked a narrator for my book. The woman has a wonderfully mid-tone voice, with a slight accent, that I think will work nice with the piece.
So yeah, there y’all go. Look for more updates, including a possible cover release, in the coming weeks and months!

Support Indie Authors! Meet my new friend.

So today is my second in the Support Indie Authors series. These are authors who haven’t donated their books to the pile yet(or maybe they have, but I haven’t had a chance to read it), but still, I want to offer my support! Today I’m introducing you to Bruce Carrol. Check him out, seems like an interesting guy.

Brief Description
If you are a beginning actor, this is the book for you! Here you will find the advice and tips that will give you an edge over other beginning actors. You’ll learn about stage navigation, performance space and how to develop a character. Here you’ll find the secrets of a memorable audition. Included are exercises to get you off your seat and performing.

Brief Bio
A native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Bruce Carroll works as a professional magician. He performs at numerous private events and has been the official street magician at Six Flags Great America for two seasons. For him, writing is a way to get things out of his head.
Bruce currently lives in Burlington, Wisconsin with his wife Angie and their daughter Heather.

Smashwords Link:

Goddreads Profile:…

Twitter: AstoundingBruce

1. What do you do to bounce back from a bad review?

As of yet, I haven’t had ANY reviews, but I suppose I’ll take it in stride. Not every book is written for everybody. If a reviewer is being honest, that is all I can ask. If a reviewer is not being honest, then, as they say, “haters gonna hate.”

2. What has been your greatest inspiration for writing your story?

I wrote Acting: From First Audition to Final Bow after directing a local youth theater. Some of the cast had experience, but many did not. I wrote the book because I figured beginning actors would like to have a resource to help them get started.

3. Is there anyone that deserves a shout out for all the help they’ve offered you?

YES! From my Acknowledgements:
I would like to thank my wife Angie and our daughter Heather for putting up with me as I wrote and edited this book. They are so supportive and I am blessed to have them in my life. Thanks also to Bree Little Bailey, Rafal Cwiok and Kathleen Long Bostrom for their invaluable input and to Libby Mixon for her sharp-eyed proofreading.
Finally, this book would not have been possible without the instruction of Sylvia Martinez, Sandra Grand and the numerous directors and cast members I have worked with over the years. It is to them this book is dedicated.

4. What life lessons has self-publishing taught you?

Self-publishing has taught me to be fearless, or at least less fearful. Before I clicked the publish button, I was so nervous! Once the book was live, it was no big deal.

Favorite color: I like so many, but I am very fond of azure and all shades of purple.

Remember, if you’d like to be included in the Support Indie Author series, just send me an e-mail at Rileyamosreviews {at}gmail{dot} com. I love meeting new people, and learning about them.

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Riley Amos Reviews, 2nd edition

Okay, so honest review time. Please, don’t take any of this in mean spiritedness. As you get to know me, you’ll learn I strive to never be that way.

Lorine S. Thomas, “Cross Your Heart”

At its heart, this book is a thriller suspense.

The book has an interesting, if slightly predictable plot. I’ve only made it about halfway through, but I honestly can’t finish it. Though the plot is compelling, and the characters pop, the author did a wonderful job with them, the errors just stop me. I won’t go in depth, as I’m hoping to have a chance to read it again once it’s had some work. Some chapters are wonderfully written, and I see no problems. Others need a bit more polish. As B.B. Wynter from the Indie Support board would say, “Dust bunnies. They happen.” I would rate the book a 3/5 because of the errors.

That said, I did enjoy the story of the book, and have offered to re-review it after the author feels it’s ready. I try to do everything I can to support indie authors, and have told her that I made the same mistakes when I first published my book. Still, you live and learn, and I hope to re-read the story soon!

Weight loss update…taking a step backwards to go forwards edition!

So, I didn’t lose any weight this week, (Disappointing) and in fact ended up putting a pound or two back on. (Also disappointing, until I realize your weight can fluctuate up to 8 pounds a day depending on what you eat.)

Still, I’m getting back on the right track, been eating a LOT of rice and beans. Complete proteins for the win! Also trying to keep the fat content and sugar content low, while doing more walking. My back hasn’t hurt this bad in a LONG time. Feels like someone is stabbing me in the back, even when I sit or lay down. I would have thought the pain would lessen as I lost weight, but the opposite effect seems to be happening, and in fact I’m finding it harder to get up and walk since my belly is starting to lose the fat, but leave loose skin behind. Still, it’s good for me in the long run, and I know I’m going to have over a hundred pounds of flesh for them to cut off of me when I finish losing the weight. Honestly, I can’t wait.