AUTHOR RESOURCES that are cheap, and I almost forgot to brag….that doesn’t happen very often.

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So I received another review for my full series, and it got me thinking. Why is it that the opinions of people we’ve never met seem to matter so much?

I remember getting my DNF review, and how it made me feel hurt at first, which is unusual for me. Having been picked on and made fun off all my life, I’ve developed a very thick skin over time. I pride myself on my ability to rebound back from any criticism people give me, no matter what it is. I just don’t let it affect me, and I continue to be who I want to be. That’s part of what I think makes me great.

But that review hurt and shook my confidence, and it was about a week before I could really recover from it. And as I said, I’m normally the type of person that couldn’t give two shits what you think of me.

This latest review had the exact opposite effect. Though I was already in a good mood, the review shot me to new heights and so my head began to fill again with delusions of grandeur. Until Sara brought me back down to Earth that is.

I know it’s a normal human reaction, but I can’t help feeling that it shouldn’t affect me like it has. So, I’m going to strive not to let the reviews affect me. If I get a negative one, oh well. I had fun writing the books, and they helped me to start finding a healthier me. If I get a positive one, well, let’s just say while I hope at some future date to have it take off, it hasn’t yet.

I’ve just got to keep telling myself to keep it in perspective.

Oh, and here’s a copy of the review from

Alysia said:

This book was great from beginning to end. I really enjoyed the idea of a 16 year old half dragon. I really like books with dragons in them. The story was very engaging and compelling. * I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*

She is also willing to read most works, so drop her an e-mail at Alysiaur (at) Yahoo (Dot) com if you would like a review, too.

Author resources:

These are the places I have to give a shout out to. You should check with them if you’re an author, they’re looking for more people to post.


She’s an awesome lady. When not struggling with her child or reading/editing others works(including her husbands) she wrote the books I did the first review on. A very positive and supportive woman, I applaud her.


Offered me sound professional advice(But I love my e-mail and anonymity. Sara doesn’t want me to lose it). Also gave me an awesome interview posted to her site. A wonderful young woman.


(Holy crap, I’m starting to notice a theme here….) Another beautiful mother added to the list. She gave me an awesome interview and posted the cover of the book on her site, as well as links to where to get it. (Best way to get your work out is to spread the word! So use these resources, all it takes is the right person.)


(Yeah! A dude….I think….maybe not….could be a conglomeration…Damnit women are taking over the world!)

If you’re book is on kindle, they will list it for free. Once again, resources people. They were very supportive, offering a ton of tweets about my book across many different genres for free. Definitely earned me lots of clicks.

Sci-fi Fantasy Betty

If you write sci-fi or fantasy, they will list your book for free until they hit their quota. I have no idea what that means, but you should jump on it now!


If you use twitter, this is a way to get an auto retweet to over 100k readers 3 times a day for free. They are awesome.

Nonnie Jules

Partially another twitter resource, part place to place your book for a spotlight, part review service, and part looking for entertainment from independent authors like myself. They do a bit of everything. #RRBC Their members do retweet, and they have a staff of volunteer tweeters about new authors that have joined. They do charge to join them, plus you need to buy author books in the program, but they seem very supportive so far. They’ve listed my book in their catalog for other members to read and review as they’d like.


Another twitter resource, he will tweet your book for free at random, but also offers a paid service. I’m still thankful to him for the free tweets about my book.

I offer you these, because as a man who lives at the bottom rung of the economic ladder, I realize how important every dollar and every bit of support is. I may not be able to offer much yet, but I salute you people and all you do for the author just starting out.

4 thoughts on “AUTHOR RESOURCES that are cheap, and I almost forgot to brag….that doesn’t happen very often.

  1. I loved that initial question that you posed in the post. “Why is it that the opinions of people we’ve never met seem to matter so much?”

    I suppose this comes from that intrinsic need that we hold about showing up in the best way possible to the world at large. Even if what we show up as is not who we really are. And why do we need to show up in-authentically thus?This comes from the need to be liked, even by folks we do not know!

    So as you think of the underlying reason for offering your first book. ‘Breath of the Titanic” free to all and sundry, what do you notice?


    Liked by 1 person

    • Exactly….see, this guy gets it. I can tell. And what I notice is not everyone loves free stuff.(in fact I’ve been turned down for reviews because my book is offered for free.)


  2. Sometimes negative comments can be beneficial in the long run. I enjoy one from time to time because I accept not everyone will like what I write and it could open my eyes to a different way of doing something. Take it how you will but don’t let anyone ever convince you that you shouldn’t do what you love.


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