Sara’s Weekly Whatever, the Huskies suck in College Basketball, but I can still show my support edition!

colors used : Pure Ice’s New Lilac ( metallic purple)

Revlon Street Wear’s Gold Mine (sheer gold, very pale with purple undertones)

Apply the purple to full nails, first coat will be streaky with not so great coverage. Hue and saturation dramatically improve with second coat. Let dry.

this gold i use for layering and special effects. As a color, the first coat will leave a very subtle shimmery effect over whatever you’re using. to get tips like mine with this gold. you will need to do two coats on the tips,making certain to let dry.

If you don’t wait long enough, the gold will smear and smudge off the tips. It’s my second time doing New Lilac paired with Gold Mine, only cause I got impatient.

IMG_1371 a close up of this pretty pairingIMG_1372

I don’t have many gold beads but I did like how these look together and complement the nails. IMG_1373

Pictures of my wreath decorated for February.  I’m still figuring out next month’s wreath decor. When done, I’ll not wait so long before showing it here.IMG_1378 IMG_1379