Support Indie Authors! Meet my new friend.

So today is my second in the Support Indie Authors series. These are authors who haven’t donated their books to the pile yet(or maybe they have, but I haven’t had a chance to read it), but still, I want to offer my support! Today I’m introducing you to Bruce Carrol. Check him out, seems like an interesting guy.

Brief Description
If you are a beginning actor, this is the book for you! Here you will find the advice and tips that will give you an edge over other beginning actors. You’ll learn about stage navigation, performance space and how to develop a character. Here you’ll find the secrets of a memorable audition. Included are exercises to get you off your seat and performing.

Brief Bio
A native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Bruce Carroll works as a professional magician. He performs at numerous private events and has been the official street magician at Six Flags Great America for two seasons. For him, writing is a way to get things out of his head.
Bruce currently lives in Burlington, Wisconsin with his wife Angie and their daughter Heather.

Smashwords Link:

Goddreads Profile:…

Twitter: AstoundingBruce

1. What do you do to bounce back from a bad review?

As of yet, I haven’t had ANY reviews, but I suppose I’ll take it in stride. Not every book is written for everybody. If a reviewer is being honest, that is all I can ask. If a reviewer is not being honest, then, as they say, “haters gonna hate.”

2. What has been your greatest inspiration for writing your story?

I wrote Acting: From First Audition to Final Bow after directing a local youth theater. Some of the cast had experience, but many did not. I wrote the book because I figured beginning actors would like to have a resource to help them get started.

3. Is there anyone that deserves a shout out for all the help they’ve offered you?

YES! From my Acknowledgements:
I would like to thank my wife Angie and our daughter Heather for putting up with me as I wrote and edited this book. They are so supportive and I am blessed to have them in my life. Thanks also to Bree Little Bailey, Rafal Cwiok and Kathleen Long Bostrom for their invaluable input and to Libby Mixon for her sharp-eyed proofreading.
Finally, this book would not have been possible without the instruction of Sylvia Martinez, Sandra Grand and the numerous directors and cast members I have worked with over the years. It is to them this book is dedicated.

4. What life lessons has self-publishing taught you?

Self-publishing has taught me to be fearless, or at least less fearful. Before I clicked the publish button, I was so nervous! Once the book was live, it was no big deal.

Favorite color: I like so many, but I am very fond of azure and all shades of purple.

Remember, if you’d like to be included in the Support Indie Author series, just send me an e-mail at Rileyamosreviews {at}gmail{dot} com. I love meeting new people, and learning about them.

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Riley Amos Reviews, 2nd edition

Okay, so honest review time. Please, don’t take any of this in mean spiritedness. As you get to know me, you’ll learn I strive to never be that way.

Lorine S. Thomas, “Cross Your Heart”

At its heart, this book is a thriller suspense.

The book has an interesting, if slightly predictable plot. I’ve only made it about halfway through, but I honestly can’t finish it. Though the plot is compelling, and the characters pop, the author did a wonderful job with them, the errors just stop me. I won’t go in depth, as I’m hoping to have a chance to read it again once it’s had some work. Some chapters are wonderfully written, and I see no problems. Others need a bit more polish. As B.B. Wynter from the Indie Support board would say, “Dust bunnies. They happen.” I would rate the book a 3/5 because of the errors.

That said, I did enjoy the story of the book, and have offered to re-review it after the author feels it’s ready. I try to do everything I can to support indie authors, and have told her that I made the same mistakes when I first published my book. Still, you live and learn, and I hope to re-read the story soon!

Weight loss update…taking a step backwards to go forwards edition!

So, I didn’t lose any weight this week, (Disappointing) and in fact ended up putting a pound or two back on. (Also disappointing, until I realize your weight can fluctuate up to 8 pounds a day depending on what you eat.)

Still, I’m getting back on the right track, been eating a LOT of rice and beans. Complete proteins for the win! Also trying to keep the fat content and sugar content low, while doing more walking. My back hasn’t hurt this bad in a LONG time. Feels like someone is stabbing me in the back, even when I sit or lay down. I would have thought the pain would lessen as I lost weight, but the opposite effect seems to be happening, and in fact I’m finding it harder to get up and walk since my belly is starting to lose the fat, but leave loose skin behind. Still, it’s good for me in the long run, and I know I’m going to have over a hundred pounds of flesh for them to cut off of me when I finish losing the weight. Honestly, I can’t wait.

Riley Amos Reviews! Not your mother’s fairy tales…..Edition!

The stories I read today are short, simple, and a little twisted. Cinders is a spin on Cinderella, and a very good one I might add. The only knocks in my reviews came from this story. Hontas is a spin on the story of Pocahontas. I imagine a reviewer in the old days must have felt much the same way when reading “Through the Looking Glass” or “From the Mountains of Madness” as I did reading these. I felt the stories pushed a bit at the edges of my comfort zone, but that’s what the best of stories do. V.M. Sawh did a wonderful job with these stories.

They are Twisted, without too much of a dark turn to them, and were very enjoyable to read.

I love the imagery he uses. It’s very vivid and you can clearly see what he was trying to portray. I’m very much so a visual thinker, and I kept picturing Picasso like scenes as I read it. A bit from each of his periods.
Now for the knocks, though there’s only two. 1. I don’t like sex scenes in books.(Probably why I preferred Wheel of Time to Game of Thrones) I think they detract a bit from the work. 2 Because of that I can’t share these modified children’s tales with my mother, mostly because I know the look she’d give me.
But I did enjoy the stories.

If you are looking for a quick, fun, and twisted read, these are the stories for you. Check them out Cinders and Hontas on Amazon and Goodreads. Also, search for him on Wattpad!

Remember, if you’d like to be featured in the #RileyAmosReviews series, please drop me a line at RileyAmosReviews (@) Gmail (Dot) com. Until next time, keep writing!

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I think I might have just had my first piece published.

WOOT! I sent the manuscript I’ve been working on, Everyone Dies at the End into a publisher, and I *think* they’re accepting it! They sent me a contract to look over, asked for the rest of the manuscript, the whole nine yards! WOOT!!! So happy I started this journey. Been awesome working to improve myself AND do something I never thought I’d do. Thank you to all the people who have offered me support since I started, your words of encouragement have kept me going!

A thank you to Dalanar

“This is a little something I wrote to honor a guest that sits among us right now. It’s not finished, but the joyful sounds of family have inspired me to share. Dalanar, this is a song to thank you for that sacrifice. We can never say it enough to you.”

They came at us with sword and spear

their cries of rage filled our ears

A lustful hate filled their eyes

A brother’s love lost in surprise

What has happened? What has gone wrong?

Why did they lose their joyful song?

Oh, They go, they change as time passes by.

Cause they know that time reveals all lies.

What will one brother choose to do

A sacrifice he must see through

In order to save our days

And keep us from an ending fate.

What has happened? What has gone wrong?

Why did they lose their joyful song?

Oh, they go, they change as time passes by,

Cause they know that time reveals all lies.

Now it seems your fate is sealed,

What to do with such a shitty deal?

How can I come to say

Thank you, sir for saving the day.

What has happened? What has gone wrong?

Why did they lose their joyful song?

Oh, they go, they change as time passes by.

Cause they know that time reveals all lies.

The new #SupportIndieAuthors series!

Hello. Today, I’d like to start a new section for the blog. Hopefully I can get it going strong (hint, we’re still looking for books to review, if you have them we want them!) The rules for this will be the same as those for reviews. So no smut, please and thank you!

So today, I’d like to introduce you all to the wonderful B.B. Wynter. She says she’s shy….but it’s a sham people! Beneath that shyness is an outgoing charismatic woman, and it really shows once she starts to talk. A wonderful spark to brighten your day, meet my new friend.

Author biography

Bb Wynter is a 22 year old autistic author and illustrator, currently residing under the grey, morose skies of England. Being shy and quiet, Bb found solace and passion in the endless worlds of Fantasy, where even there she daydreams. At the moment, Bb is immersing herself within paintings and sketches that give life to the realm of The Lament of Sky, as well as working on the second instalment of the book. Bb likes to drink all kinds of tea and has a constant craving for honey.

Short blurb for Lament of Sky

A story of magic, daemons, cabbage-fairies, jester-pirates, earth-born Gods, monsters and fated love.

Follow the journey of Lilyth: the last of the Rhai Angof, alongside Sky: an ethereal being of otherwordly magic, and a philandering sky-pirate named Vergo.
Together they strive to survive the tyrannical regime of the Vildarii: Guardians of the hell plains, Otherworlds and spirit realms.

Social Media

1. What do you do to keep your spirits up through a bad review?

It is important to always remember that intense and passionate love you have with creating, and the joy of being lost in another world. Even though rejection can hurt, opinions are subjective and it can help to remind yourself that another’s dislike of your work isn’t an attack on you as a person.
Word police will and do go after your craft, but you must continue to nurture your work and keep sharing it. Try to not attack yourself, but if you do, don’t do it publicly. Your work is deserving of acknowledgement, just as much as anyone else’s and just because it doesn’t appeal to some, doesn’t mean it won’t to others. If you turn your back on it, you will deprive potential readers the experience of your story, an experience that could change their life and give them that extra encouragement and inspiration to write their first, second or tenth story.
Also, do not lose your voice. Some opposition will come along, take your work apart and give you a list of what they feel equates to being a real writer, and deem your work drivel. I feel it is gracious to listen to their thoughts, but hold onto your own voice. So long as you are happy with what you have created, you will find loyal readers who will support and encourage you to keep creating the stories that they’ve come to love and be moved by. So never stop writing.

2. What has been your greatest inspiration for writing your story?

What has been my biggest inspiration for writing? Hmmmm. I’d say adversity. I think there is a cliché with writers and artists: beauty blooms from the darkness.

3. Are there any people you feel need a shout out for supporting you?

I have many people to thank, the list would be too long! So I will say thank you to those who have always supported me, especially with my writing and art. Friends, family, fellow authors and artists, readers, strangers, that woman on the bus who told me to never stop painting, my dog Charlie. I am forever grateful to you and I will never forget your support. And thank you for this interview!

4. Has self-publishing taught you any lessons that you feel will help you in life?

I feel self-publishing has taught me to be more brave. To work even harder. My will and drive has increased. My skin is tougher, but I feel kinder and more empathetic with other creators. And due to negative criticism, as well as praise, I have become more secure with myself, and with that, I believe in my capabilities more.

and last, What’s your favorite color?

I have to chose a colour??? This has to be the hardest question I’ve ever had. Silver! No, Blue!, No wait, Purple!