Some brochures for authors just starting out!

Man, I wish I could have found this kind of information a year ago. I might have actually listened to it! This is GREAT advice for those just starting out in the authoring world!



If you are just starting out as an author, READ THESE! I’ve learned that a lot of being an author is planning ahead, and these will help you do just that!

#Rileyamosreviews, She even does non-fiction books? Edition

Okay, so that’s three reviews in one day from Alysia. I told you guys she reads A LOT of books! Sara and I would just like to take the time to thank her for joining the review team!

Minimalist Living: A Guide to Simple Living, Declutter & Frugal Living by speedy Publishing

This was ok for me.  There were some good things about saving money in here that I will try but other things I don’t want to give up.  Mainly, my books!  lol  I love to read so I can’t stop buying books to save money I think everyone has something they can’t give up.   This was good book for learning things I am willing to give up to save money and some things that to me are too extreme. 3/5 stars