Thinking about starting a new segment, and hooking it to the #SupportIndeAuthor series.

So, I do my #SupportIndieAuthor series, about once a week I’ve been averaging, and I’m coming to learn a lot as I go on this publishing journey. First of all, there are A LOT of unsung heroes out there in the publishing world. Everything from cover artists to narrators to the people who make music for book trailers, and while they all have sites that feature just their talents, I want to have it all! As such, I’d like to extend my “circle” so to speak, and start including independent artists. I’m still going to try to keep things nudity free, because while I LOVE being naked, not everyone does. But anything else is pretty much fair game. Now I just need a segment name…maybe you all have some suggestions?

Oh, and I did have a review to post for you all, but because of how I handle reviews before I post them, the author has asked me not to post it. While I love to feature you all in the #RileyAmosReviews series, please, if you’re not willing to accept a 3/5 if you get a 3/5, please, don’t waste my time. I have better books to read, and reviews worthy of being written. That is all, have a wonderful day!