#RileyAmosReviews, you even get a couple from me edition, part 2!

Why Authors Fail by Derek Doepker
I found this book when I was pursuing amazon, and saw it was free and picked it up. There is a lot of good information in here for authors just starting out, but a few points I disagree with. Then again, maybe I should listen to some of those points. I don’t have a bestseller yet, after all. 4/5 *I picked up this book on a free giveaway*

#RileyAmosReviews, you even get a couple from me edition, part 1!

So I finally started setting time aside to start reading, and I’m glad I did. It was worth the time, and energy, spent. Now I feel like my batteries are recharged, and I’m ready to make a skydive. Anyways, reviews posted below.

Lineage by J. Christopher Thompson
An excellent addition to the fantasy genre. This book was fun to read and hard to put down. I thoroughly enjoyed it. 5/5 *I was provided with a free book for an honest review.*

#RileyAmosReviews, Alysia needs MOAR edition, part 4!

Five, Six … Grab your crucifix , by Willow Rose

I love this series.  I enjoy follow Rebekka Franck and Sune wherever the story takes them.  This story was about a cult and Rebekka and Sune want to write a story about it.  They try to understand the priest and his demons but would like to end the cult activity for good.  I think this author in wonderful.  I first took a look at these books because I am a BIG Freddy Krueger fan and the title made me think of his song from the movies.  It was a great hook for me to check these books out!  5/5

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#RileyAmosReviews, Alysia needs MOAR edition, part 3!

Long Time Passing , by Ed Levesko

Long Time Passing is worth a read! The author gives the reader an amusing look at the extraordinary changes that took place in America in the 60s. He writes of deep friendship among his characters that were serving in the army and the upcoming call to the Vietnam war. My dad was in this  war.  Long Time Passing is also a wonderful love story.  I enjoyed this book very much.  I think this author is gifted!   * I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*  5/5

#RileyAmosReviews, Alysia needs MOAR edition, part 2!

At the End of the Day , by Ed Levesko

At the End of the Day depicts events that are adventurous and humorous. This author creates very believable characters, that I have enjoyed reading about. There is also a wonderful love story that takes place in 1968.  This was a fun and entertaining book for me and I enjoyed it.   * I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*  5/5

#RileyAmosReviews, Alysia needs MOAR edition, part 1!

Got a few more reviews from the Book Monster! Keep the requests coming in, and help save her a bit of money! I don’t know if she needs the financial help….but free books are always a good thing!

Bound to the Abyss , by James R. Vernon

I thought it was good book. It has an interesting story. I think you should try this book and see what you think.  I enjoyed it.  I highly recommend this book.  * I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*  4/5