A disturbing trend I’ve been noticing.

I’m starting to think Levitra and Car Insurance companies are after me. I don’t know about the rest of you bloggers, but I check my spam file on a regular basis, as I LOVE to communicate with new people. There are over 1000 comments in the file! I just checked it two days ago!

So I start flicking through what people are putting, and what I see is Car Insurance, Levitra, Levitra, Male Impotence, Car Insurance, Car Insurance, as the names to these people. What makes it even funnier to me, is if I were to JUST read some of the comments, they would almost past muster. Things like, “Oh, this post is very informative!” and I click to see what it links to, and it goes to one of my book reviews. I know they can be informative, but with a name like “unedlevitra247” I know it’s just bullshit. Hell, as I’ve written this, another 200 comments have dropped in the file. I just might have to take a bulk action and delete them all. So, I’m saying it now, if I delete your comment and you are a PERSON, I’m sorry. I wasn’t ignoring you, or trying to say I didn’t like what you said, you can blame it on Levitra and the Car Insurance companies.

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