#RileyAmosReviews, Sara’s got one for ya today edition!

The melding of Aeris


Diane Wallace Peach

Transmutation : the application and grafting of distinctive flesh from varying sources on to a foreign living body with the medicinal assistance of douser, heartening, and pathway.


The high caste preys on the lower, treating them as renewable resources. If a Sahlessa sees hair or eyes that she wants on a low person, then deals are made,(sometimes). End result is a new pretty feature for the Sahlessa, and “sourced” parts for the “donor”.


Popular transfigurations for women include bird’s wings, butterflies, soft fur, feathers, peacock tails, snakeskin. Thicker hair (animal or human) Basically anything shiny and pretty in the usual non aggressive sense,punctuated by bursts of color.


Popular transfigurations for men include horns of all types, serrated teeth in arms, armored skin, reptile embellishments, various predatory animal parts, eyes,fur. Mostly defensive/ aggressive appearances desired.


Those subjected to transfiguration……pass their new attributes on to their children, oft-times with less than favorable results.


Meet Aeris, a progeny of such a pairing. His father Sahl Farrax, intimidating in his mostly black reptile scaled self. His mother, Sahlessa Alginea, resplendent as the epitome of transfigured fashion with her graceful wings of black, gray, and white. An affluent and influential pair.

Now that there’s sufficient backstory,…Aeris! Borne into the world completely hairless covered in black scales, with a reptile’s eyes, random light feathers that he plucks and a lizard’s tail that was severed at birth. Sheltered in the confines of his parent’s palatial estate, he is their much loved only child. Graced with his mother’s pleasantness and fortified with his father’s determination, and a good heart. He despises his outward visage, it makes him feel like a monster. His parents, being loving and supportive want their son to live a happy meaningful life, so they arrange for him to get new skin, new eyes, and hair for the very first time in his life.

What their son discovers about his new appearance shocks him to the core.


Join Aeris on an epic journey as he discovers the chilling abusive reality behind the lust for   the latest fashionable transfigurations and his own self worth as he fights for redemption, love, friendship, and acceptance in a world so focused on appearances and power.

An enjoyable read, Five Stars! *I received a free copy of this book for an honest review.*

So, another favorable review for ya Diane. If I can ever work my pile down, I’ll have to read both of them, since Sara seems to love them very much.

And remember, if you’d like a review from the blog, or if you’d like an author spotlight, just drop an e-mail to RileyAmosReviews(at)gmail(.)com. Laters!

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