#SupportIndieAuthors, Epilepsy research edition!

I love a good cause I can get behind. Which is why I all but jumped at the opportunity to feature our next author. I’ll let Shelby do the speaking for herself. A welcome addition to the series, please help me welcome Shelby McGrath Myers.

Out of the Bubble

About this item
Out of the Bubble is a candid memoir of a family faced with an unimaginable tragedy. Shelby McGrath Myers lets you into her world as she recounts the life changing hospitalization of her son, Clayton; the effects on her family dynamics; their transition home with a new “normalcy” and, ultimately, the heartache of losing a child. Gripping and enlightening – the reader will witness the power of a family’s love and why the story of a little boy, nicknamed “Clayton the Great”, will impact your life. Shelby McGrath Myers is donating a portion of her royalties from each book sale, to Clayton’s Hope Organization. A non-profit which raises funding for Epilepsy research and awareness.


Shelby McGrath Myers is the mother of 5 children and has been married since 1992. She is the founder and continues in the capacity of Director of Marketing and Public Relations for Clayton’s Hope Organization, a non-profit which raises awareness and funding for Epilepsy research. In 2012, she was named the Epilepsy Advocate of the Year by the Epilepsy Foundation of New Jersey/Family Resource Network. She was nominated to the State of New Jersey Epilepsy Task force and elected chair in 2011. She was reelected chair in 2013. She is employed as a Patient Liaison for a medical equipment/Home Nursing company specializing in transitioning medically fragile pediatric patients from hospitals to their home. This is Shelby’s first published book.

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1. What do you do to keep your spirits up through a bad review?
I was told a very long time ago, a very important life lesson, which I try to implement in all aspects of negativity – “the moment that you feel that you know everything and have nothing further to learn, is the moment that you become stale”. I believe that each of us has something to learn from each other, so I am always open to suggestion; although, I also believe that if you are passionate about something that you should “stick to your guns” and write exactly how you wish the story to go.

2 and 3. Dedications, mentions?
I have to paste here the dedication pages from my book, or I would fall short in those which need to be mentioned.

How can I ever properly express my gratitude? So many individuals, some whose names I will never know, have given so much to my family. I have been blessed with such an extraordinary support system and I believe that you are only as strong as the support which you are shown – mine has made me whole. The acknowledgements are endless, but I will try to recognize as many as possible. For those whose names I will never know, but can recall the kind deeds which they so selflessly gave, I can only say thank you.

Ultimately, this book is dedicated to my family and friends. To my children, whose lives were turned upside down, but yet became compassionate beyond their years. They amaze me everyday and it is from them I continue to learn and grow. To my husband, who remained strong when I needed to be weak, worked tirelessly so that I could stay home and, mostly, gave me 5 little souls that I could never love more. Thank you for loving me, especially when I was not easy to love. To my parents, who changed their lives, to give our children a sense of normalcy (against incredible odds), and did more for us than I could possibly list – thank you, for holding my hand and never letting it go. To my brother and extended family, for their love and support, you are very appreciated and loved. To my friends, both new and those who have stood by me for years, I can never thank you for all that you have done.

I would fall short on acknowledgements if I did not mention those individuals within Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Newborn Nurses and Holly Dell School. There are so many names, that I don’t want to select a random few. I was touched by the outpouring of support, guidance and compassion. My son was never treated as a patient, but more so as a sick child. They listened, were interested and, mostly, allowed me to be a parent. They cried with me and triumphed at Clay’s miracles. They cared, instead of just caring for my son.

To all of the nameless faces who prayed, hoped and loved my family. You showed us the meaning of generosity, one which I will try each day to show to others.

Lastly, I not only would like acknowledge, but dedicate this book to my son Clayton. It is every parent’s dream that their children make a difference in this world, and he continues to do so each day, even though he is only with me in spirit. He showed me the meaning of hope, the importance of family and friends, and unconditional love. He made a lasting impression on all those privileged to meet him and his story serves as inspiration. Clayton will always be with me and continues to live in all that I do and achieve.

4. Has self-publishing taught you any lessons that you feel will help you in life?
Again, if you are passionate about something and believe in it with your heart, nothing is impossible.

5.What’s your favorite color?
I have 2 favorites – for a reason. Purple is my “passion” as it is the color signified for Epilepsy and Orange because it is a “happy” color.

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