Dear car insurance and penis pill spam bots….

…my attempt at humor by taking and choosing the choicest sayings WERE NOT a challenge to you to try and overload my spambox. As of this morning, since yesterday, I have almost 200 spam posts. Please, slow down the constant onslaught of idiocy that is your attempts to trick me into thinking you are a real person.

Thank you,

Riley Amos Westbrook

P.S. Just as an experiment, for one day only, I’m going to APPROVE any comments made by bots on THIS POST that mention a pancake. If you have the word pancake just once in a diatrabe, I will approve your comment.

*To the readers of this blog* If any of these bots meet my specifications, please, don’t be stupid enough to click on their links. While I’m fairly certain these are all just a bunch of companies searching for new customers, all it takes is 1 key logger being put on your computer, and you’ve lost your passwords. So please, DON’T CLICK THE LINKS!

And now, for the funniest comments I’ve seen!

“Fell out of bed feeling down. This has brightened my day!” Cheap Insurance

“You’re the one with the brains here. I’m watching for your posts.” Tx Cheap Insurance

“It’s always a relief when someone with obvious expertise answers. Thanks!” Buy Levitra

“Plus, our money is worth more in Canada than it is here, at least it used to be. I dont know what the exchange is now since our money is not worth as much as it used to be and its been a few years since weve been up there.” Cheap Insurance

“TYVM you’ve solved all my problems” Generic Cialis Va

“I’m impressed. You’ve really raised the bar with that.” Cheap Insurance

“Now I feel stupid. That’s cleared it up for me” Buy Cialis

*Posted in reply to a comment I made* I wrote, “I love all poetry and writing styles, gives me ideas for my own! You never know where inspiration will come from.” This was their response. “Maybe. Maybe not. I was going for “theory” as a conceptual framework subsuming several more basic hypotheses, rather than the misinterpretation commentators usually espouse as the true meaning of “theory” when they refer to colloquial misinterpretation of “theory”. That also invites a tedious discussion of how word “meaning” is actually established.” Cheap Insurance NY

Hope you all have a wonderful day today, and remember, don’t click the links in the comments section!

3 thoughts on “Dear car insurance and penis pill spam bots….

  1. My original comment didn’t post.

    Due to what I consider is a fabulous post, I have started a Twitter campaign #RileyWestbrookPancakes

    If it doesn’t drive real content to your site, I will eat pancakes for a week straight.


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