#RileyAmosReviews, the yawn that cracked my jaw edition, part 4!

The Sin Eater’s Daughter by Melinda Salisbury

I was disappointed with this book.  This book was not what I had hoped for.  It had a great cover and pulled me in with the blurb on the book.  But I was hoping for much more.  This book had every potential; an interesting mythology, characters and power dynamics. But it couldn’t put all the pieces together. The pacing was all wrong and boring. Nothing happened for the majority of the book. Everything important was crammed right at the end.  3/5

#RileyAmosReviews, the yawn that cracked my jaw edition, part 3!

A New Darkness by Joseph Delaney

I loved the Last Apprentice series so I’m so glad to be able to see what happens next to Tom Ward.  In this book Tom Ward is a Spook, taking over where his master left off.  Tom takes on his own apprentice, a girl.  That is unheard of!  But she is a 7th daughter of a 7th daughter, why not a girl? I enjoyed this book very much and loved getting back up with Tom Ward and his world of things that go bump in the night.  If you enjoyed the Last Apprentice series or enjoyed The Seventh Son movie, you should check out this great collection of book sin this series and Please check this book out as well.  You won’t be disappointed!  I love them all!   5/5

#RileyAmosReviews, the yawn that cracked my jaw edition, part 2!

Opening the Veil , by C.L. Clark

The author has created a heroine and sidekick that make a great team. This is the first book in a series about a paranormal insurance investigator and her beloved cat. The story starts out with Cassie as a receptionist/office manager for the greatest boss in town, Artie. Soon she meets a good-looking soap opera-like new neighbor, Scott who talks her into a dinner date, but she soon sees him what a pig he can be.  Once back from the date her beloved cat, Allie becomes her closes confidante. Cassie’s life is changed forever and suddenly she can speak and get answers with Allie and also see ghosts that are all around her in her hometown of Kensington Falls. Have you ever dreamed your cat could talk? A serial killer is on the loose and the book takes you off in a great adventure with Allie and Cassie.   I enjoyed this story very much.  I love cats too. * I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*  5/5

#RileyAmosReviews, the yawn that cracked my jaw edition, part 1!

I’m still rubbing the sleep from my eyes, but Alysia dropped a few reviews off last night. I might put another post up later, after I get the fog cleared from the brain.

The Skull Throne , by Peter V. Brett

 I was not as impressed as I thought I would be with this book.  The characters were ok but the story line was not my taste.  I think I thought the story line was a bit slow for me.  I have not read any of the other books in the series so I felt a bit lost.  But in short, It did not keep me as interested as I thought I’d be when I saw the cover of that this could be a great book.   * I received this book form netgalley in exchange for an honest review*  3/5

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For someone other than myself! One Dora Gonzalez has a fantasy release soon, called The Five Kingdoms of Severi, it looks like an interesting read!

And with that, I start a new segment, just entitled new releases. A test run will be starting soon, so if you have a book coming out in the next few weeks, drop me a line at RileyAmosReviews(at)gmail(.)com, and I’ll start to gather a weekly list!