#RRBC #EBKRTWT #BYNR #IARTG #IAN1 #EveryoneDiesAtTheEnd episode 5 out now on http://goo.gl/6xBWoL

So I realized I forgot to do a post on #EveryoneDiesAtTheEnd last week! Gah, how could I of all people forget to shamelessly self promote?

I want to take the time again to thank all the people that have helped with it.

Eliza has an awesome voice, and is an author in her own right. (This one is kid friendly!)

Amanda is awesome at keeping people on track, and has some interesting ideas offered on her own blog.

Mario, I’m still loving the cover.

The people at BigWorldNetwork have been awesome as well, with all of them offering support. Truth to tell, feels like joining a part of clan.