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So I found this site cruising around the internet looking for authory things. This guy here does some awesome looking designs, and I’ve had him recommended to me by more than one person for covers. I especially like this picture. It is beautifully and richly fantastic.


It’s been a while since I posted, Many things have got in the way but I hope I can fix that this year. I wish you all the best for the New Year and present my last painting of 2014.
“The House of Worms” by Harvey Click.
It’s going to be available as a poster soon.

"The House of Worms" by Harvey Click Front back and spine artwork.

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#SupportIndieAuthors, Go take a Dirt Nap edition.

The first playwright to be featured on the blog. I think also our first southern interview in the series. (I’m originally from Kentucky, and lived in Georgia for a few years before I moved to Washington, so the south holds a special place in my heart.) Check out his site, it offers a taste of his work! So without further ado, I give to you, Jules Cassard!

Dirt Nap Rhapsody by Jules Cassard

All Tag wants to know is whether or not his beloved wife Lori is a deranged killer – is that too much to ask?

Tag and Lori are the couple on the top of the wedding cake. Everything about their relationship is perfect and they’re both deliriously happy — except for one tiny little, earth-shattering problem.

Her name is Marcie and despite the fact that Tag likes to think of himself as a pretty decent guy, he just can’t shake his desire to do some… well, some not so decent things with her. When his obsession with Marcie gets to the point that he finally breaks down and confesses his struggles to Lori, Tag is touched by her compassionate and understanding response. He breathes a sigh of relief — until the next day when Marcie turns up dead.

Could sweet, dainty, couldn’t-hurt-a-fly Lori be a… be a… Tag can’t even bring himself to think it. But could she? Detective Steiner doesn’t think so. The way he sees it, Tag is guilty as hell and it’s only a matter of time before the truth comes spilling out of him. Of course Tag knows that’s impossible because he doesn’t even know the truth himself — and he’s not sure if he wants to.

Of course the truth may come out anyway if Susan keeps poking around. Susan is Tag and Lori’s recently widowed next door neighbor whose hobbies include gardening, drinking and hypochondria. She also has a thing for Tag and a poor understanding of the concept of boundaries, so there’s a small chance that Lori might want to murder her too. Assuming of course that Lori is capable of something like… something like…

On second thought, Tag and Lori have more than one tiny little problem.

About me: I am an author and playwright from New Orleans, Louisiana. I enjoy writing mysteries and thrillers, often with a comedic bent, like my short stories “The Inanimates” and “Codependent Pistol.” I’ve written two full-length plays, the first of which is scheduled to open in New Orleans in the fall.

1. What do you do to keep your spirits up through a bad review?

– I remind myself that opinions are like elbows – everybody’s got one. And while I can’t deny hoping that a vast majority of people love my work, I think anything that doesn’t have at least a few vehement haters isn’t pushing hard enough. What I’m really afraid of are those 2 1/2 star “Meh” reviews.

2. What has been your greatest inspiration for writing your story?

– I thought that the image of a guy being led to the execution chamber smiling and blowing kisses at someone who was smiling and blowing kisses in return was quite striking. I started there and asked myself what happened to those two people to create that situation.

3. Are there any people you feel need a shout out for supporting you?

– Several.

4. Has self-publishing taught you any lessons that you feel will help you in life?

– Yes, it taught me a lot of things about the business end of the industry that I’m glad I now know regardless of how I go about it in the future. Also, no kidding, it reminded me that opinions are like elbows. All of them.

and last, What’s your favorite color?

– Red? (Good gods man, be glad I’m not a bridgekeeper!)

Remember, if you’d like to be featured in the #SupportIndieAuthor series, please drop me a line at RileyAmosReviews (@) Gmail (Dot) com. Until next week, keep writing!

And don’t forget to check out my Breath Of the Titans: The False Titanbriger series.
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