You know what time it is! It’s the weekly dose of shameless self promotion!

Are you guys tired of hearing from me yet? Don’t worry, only six more weeks in Everyone Dies At The End. Here’s this weeks episode for your enjoyment.

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RPG: “Era: The Consortium” and “Era: Lyres”

Seriously, one of these days I’m going to have to ask this man his prices for a piece, because damn. Keep it groovy people!


I’m sorry I’ve been so quite on social media lately.

That’s because I’ve been incredibly busy with extra work. As well as producing cover art (much of which you can see in my updated gallery), I was asked if I could help Ed of Shades of Vengeance (an independent RPG company) who, for reasons beyond his control, found himself without a graphic designer to produce the Rule Books he has promised. So I stepped up to design and produce them for him. First off I made Era: the Consortium, A 300 page rule book for an incredible game featuring an incredible and engaging history which works just as well as an excellent stand alone scifi story. I wanted to do it justice and so we put some considerable thought into the final look (as you guys know I don’t do things with half measures) and so started from scratch. The funded kickstarter is here and  Details of…

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