Phenomenal Cosmic Power! Itty bitty living space…

So Sara and I are putting the finishing touches on a urban fantasy/humor book, and I heard this phrase for the first time in a long time. I still remember where I was when Robin Williams voice issued from that big blue genie. Wide eyed and bushy tailed and awed by what I was seeing on the screen.

Now I consider I’m an author, and I have held my books in my hands. I can’t help but feel that should be the motto of writers everywhere. So go forth you gods of destiny. Write the stories only you can tell.

“Live long and prosper.”
Another iconic man whom will be missed. Stoic and logical, Spock still taught a growing boy lessons about the greater good. So while you’re seeking that best seller, while you’re doing the best to promote your own works, look forward to helping others propel your career.

Seven Deadly Words by George Carlin
Another work that every man, woman, and child should see.  This has too many quotes for me, a very influential piece in how I look at English as a language. Being a living language, all you need is for people to start using a word in normal conversation, and it will become a word. Think I’m kidding? Ain’t is now in the dictionary my friend. For all the years I had teachers tell me I couldn’t use it. To the one who said “Ain’t ain’t a word.” I say HA! And that I hope this list becomes useless in my lifetime. (Words shouldn’t be given as much power as they are. I know, ironic that a writer says that.)
Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein
Say what you will about this book, I love this book. And Michael, I connect with him on so many levels. Of all the authors I believe influenced my philosophy, most are science fiction writers from the fifties and sixties. It might be because my father read their works throughout my life. It might be the age at which I started reading them. I read this one when I was twelve. While other kids were worried about baseball cards and comics, I contemplated life on Mars, living life past death and taking care of each other. And I wondered, is it possible for things like that to happen here?
Now I don’t necessarily believe these things, but the fact that I contemplated them. That I put myself in the shoes of a man from another culture(being an army brat may have helped.) But I digress.

A book in your hand is a genie in a bottle. With the wish of one mind another is transported into a world where the rules are a little bit different. “Phenomenal cosmic power, Itty bitty living space.”

Cruisin through books ’cause books make life worth livin’ with Aly #RileyAmosReviews, 4/21/2015

Whispers in the Dark by Chase J. Jackson

This book did not capture as I hoped it would.  The most of the characters in this book need to grow up a little.  I did not like the first half of the book.  It was too slow for me.  It got a little better in the second half of the book but I was not impressed by this book. * I received this book from netgalley in exchange for an honest review*  3/5