Time for the weekly #Shoutouts to BAMFs that help with #EveryoneDiesAtTheEnd! #Bookboost #Ian1 #Iartg #RRBC

Latest episode of #EveryoneDiesAtTheEnd is out now, you can listen to it free here! So are you guys tired of hearing me laud praise on the people who work behind the scenes to transform my rough book into something to be enjoyed by the masses? I mean, seriously, you can ask Amanda, even with me going over it dozens of times I’m sure sometimes she scratches her head and wonders, “Is this english?” (And she doesn’t help just me, she’s helping three other series that I know of just this season, as well as being a reasonably good author in her own right, you can check out the first of her books here.) She and the other editors do an AMAZING job of taking my rough story and crafting it into a solid tale.

Then their’s my narrator that’s doing an awesome job. Eliza Enea is an author in her own right, and has a series on BigWorldNetwork as well as being a narrator for them. And I love the way her voice seems to fit the story I’m trying to tell.

And last, but not the least, Mario Hernandez. I would link to an art gallery or something, since he did my ebook cover, and I LOVE it, but I keep getting told that Bigworldnetwork IS his art gallery. Still can’t thank him enough for the rat clutching a finger, he did an excellent job on it.

I think that’s it for today….but I’m learning that being an author/blogger/IndieAuthorSupporter is just like being a CNA in one major aspect. The work is never finished!