My ebook giveaway was a success! Thanks to all the people who helped spread the word!

So, first off I want to thank everyone who helped me with my Ebook giveaway. It was a resounding success, and I have many new readers with it waiting in their pile. Now comes the part where I teach you all how to do it.

It’s a lot simpler than you would think, if you know how to use the event calendar already, then you can just add it into your rotation of normal things you would do for a book signing or whatever.

Just simply state in the title of your event that it is scheduled to be an Ebook giveaway, and then promote it as you normally would. I prefer my methods for free promotion listed in a variety of Author Resource posts on this blog. (All except RRBC, which is $25 a year, but I do have to admit has more than given me my bang for my buck. I’ll admit I jumped into the club at first as a source for reviews, but you guys are AWESOME support.)

For those uninitiated, the steps are quite easy to follow.

Step One:

Open your browser to and go to the Events page. There is an a downward pointing arrow next to Explore in my browser, hover your mouse over it, and Events is the very bottom option.

Step Two:

Click Add An Event. Name and label it with pertinent info, and set a date and time.

You need to have your end date and your start date the same day, or else you will have your giveaway disappear on you in the middle of it. (Yes, this happened to me, and you can quit laughing now. Took me half a day to figure out what I did wrong >.>)

Step Three:

Invite the friends list, tweet it out, blog, and do everything you can to get the word out without being too pushy. (Or be richer than I am, and pay for advertising and have it take off like wildfire!)

Your giveaway is now setup.

Easy peasy, nice and easy. So, now even the poor people like me can do a giveaway and help get the word out! #SupportIndieAuthors!