I know an author that needs your help! #SupportIndieAuthors!

So, I’ve only recently met Mr. Michael Wood, but he seems like a very deep thinker. As with all deep thinkers, sometimes it’s just hard to make up our minds. As such, I can understand the dilema Mr. Wood faces, as I too have problems picking just which project I want to work on next… So when he came to me asking for help, I leapt at the chance! With that, I’ll let his words speak for himself.

Hey everyone! Would you help decide my next novel in a worldwide audience poll?
I’m in between novels right now, and am having an impossible time deciding which of three partially finished novels I should finish and release first.
So, I’m setting up a poll for the next two weeks, giving the power totally to the audience. If you have a little bit of time today, would you read the beginnings of each of my potential novels, then vote for which novel you’d most like to see released? (You can also just look at the concepts, if you don’t have time to read the samples). Two are mysteries, one is magical realism.
If you’re up to it, you can read and vote here: http://michaeljwoodwriting.com.
Thanks so much!
So please, take the time to help Mr. Wood with his next endeavour. Who knows, maybe you’ll have a hand in helping an author write a masterpiece to go down for the ages. (And yes, I know which concept I love the most. If you’d like to share your vote, leave a comment below!)

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