#RileyAmosGetsReviewed got 2 new ones yesterday!

So I’ve been spending this past week writing to EVERY single frickin’ horror book blogger that I can find, since I’m trying to get 100 reviews of Everyone Dies At The End before the ebook releases next year, and everything else is slacking a bit. Including this place. I have to apologize for that, I’m not trying to ignore you guys.

But I’m back for today! Even if it is only for a little shameless self-promo.

I received two new reviews last night, both of them the kind that makes ya feel good inside.

The first is from Christina McMullen, a wonderful author in her own right. (Seriously, if you enjoy a sarcastic wit, read her works.)

A brief disclaimer: I am typically not a fan of fantasy that doesn’t involve the words ‘urban’ or ‘contemporary.’ That being said, I have been branching out into more sword and sorcery as of late and I find that the hardest part for me to reconcile is plain and even base English in a fantastical setting. Here, the language is very modern and at times, incredibly base. But somehow, where this has been jarring to me in other books, it works brilliantly here.

I imagine that this book reads much like the Lord of the Rings books would to someone who loves Tolkien. I am not a fan of Tolkien, but I rather enjoyed this tale. It is an epic adventure that follows Lov, a half dragon-half elf who is an adolescent when his home, land, and family is destroyed by the Titans, the very constructs that were meant to protect them. The characters are well written and there is an overall humor that carries the heavier parts of the story. I do admit some slight confusion in that I inferred that Lov’s mother, who is a dragon, was an orphan, but his dragon grandfather shows up to train him. It is possible I misinterpreted this or there is something that gets explained later on, so it is a minor nitpick at best.

I can’t wait to continue on with the rest of this series!

And the next one is from Charles, a reviewer at Blue Ink Review. (Don’t worry, I didn’t pay for it, and this isn’t going in their normal queue that I’m aware of.)

This is a vividly imagined tale of elves, orcs, halflings, dragons, fairies, Titans, and other amazing creatures. The hero, a sixteen year old half-dragon, Lovonian, goes out hunting with his uncle on his sixteenth birthday, only to empathically feel terrible things happening to his family and village. He sets out on a trail of revenge where he learns more about the elemental, magical side of his heritage while engaging in tests and mortal combat that takes him through imagination-stretching realms.

I want to thank both of them for leaving me reviews! Every one of them is appreciated, but it’s always nice to see when another enjoys the work you poured your heart into. Thank you both, and may the rest of you have a wonderful weekend!

#SupportIndieAuthors, Our first Murder Mystery edition!

Today we have a new guest on our blog, and I think our first Murder Mystery book. Honestly, I’ve never read a murder mystery, so this will be an interesting experience(It’s in the pile Marianne!).

The Serenity Stone Murder

What are two nice middle-aged church ladies doing at a New Age goddess retreat? And why is the manager of the Thunder Bay Charity Casino found murdered next door to the conference? Will Mary Carlisle, St. Stephen’s lovelorn organist, ever capture the heart of the church gardener? Find out the answers to these and other burning questions in The Serenity Stone Murder, a kinder, gentler murder mystery set in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Writer Bio

Marianne Jones is a retired teacher from Thunder Bay, Ontario. Her work has appeared in Reader’s Digest, Canadian Living, The Globe and Mail, and numerous literary and denominational publications. Her books include The Land of Mogan, a children’s fantasy novel, Here, on the Ground, an award-winning collection of poetry, Great- Grandma’s Gifts, a picture book for preschool and early elementary, and The Serenity Stone Murder, a cozy mystery set in Thunder Bay.

Marianne has been named International Poet Laureate by Utmost Christian Writers. Her poetry has won numerous awards, and some of them are permanently installed at Prince Arthur’s Landing at Marina Park in Thunder Bay.

Marianne is a member of The League of Canadian Poets, The Writers Union of Canada, and The Northwestern Ontario Writers Workshop (NOWW).

How do you get over a bad review?

I’d be lying if I said that criticism doesn’t hurt. I usually call my sister, who says soothing things, and then I remind myself that not everyone is going to like my work. I also keep a file of encouraging things people have said to me over the years about my writing. It’s human nature to forget the positive and focus on the negative, but I’m trying to reverse that trend.

What inspired you to write your story?

My sister kept urging me to write a murder mystery set in our home town of Thunder Bay, Ontario. When she described a ridiculous weekend conference she attended with a friend, suddenly I could visualize my protagonists, Margaret and Louise quite clearly, and I became excited about writing this story. I identify more with Margaret, who has a sarcastic edge and doesn’t suffer fools gladly. And I had fun playing with the notion of these two middle-aged friends traipsing all over Thunder Bay in search of clues, sometimes squabbling and sometimes encountering a series of eccentric characters.

Is there anyone that deserves a shout out?

My Mom was always my biggest supporter. She loved the idea of having a writer in the family. I also am grateful to poet Debbie Okun Hill at https://okunhill.wordpress.com/ for her kind words and support, as well as well-known blogger Susan Toy for her selfless support of writers.

Has self-publishing taught you any life lessons?

My first self-published book was a children’s fantasy novel, The Land of Mogan. Although both the children and adults that read it gave it high praise, I didn’t have the know-how or courage to promote it, so it didn’t reach a broader audience. Writing is an act of courage. Publishing your work is an act of courage. Marketing requires courage as well. Putting ourselves out there means opening ourselves up to possible praise, criticism or indifference. I had to learn that enthusiasm and a quality product aren’t enough. We need to be strategic and determined to market our work as well. The mistakes and successes work together to make us more professional.

What’s your favorite color?


Remember, if you’d like to be featured in the #SupportIndieAuthor series, please drop me a line at RileyAmosReviews (@) Gmail (Dot) com. Until next week, keep writing!

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Looking for ARC reviewers is a pain in the butt…Hopefully it proves worth it!

I’ve been sending out a ton of review requests on an ARC for Everyone Dies At The End. Trying to get a hundred reviews is proving to be a challenge, but one that I’m learning to relish in! Still, I just hope the return turns better than it’s been on Breath of the Titans so far. I think I sent out hundreds of that book, and I think I have 5 reviews….and with that, I’m reminded my work isn’t finished! Catch y’all later!

Cruisin through books ’cause books make life worth livin’ with Aly #RileyAmosReviews, 5/26/2015 part 2

Wreathed by Curtis Edmonds

This was a very fun book for me.  I think the character were very likable and I had fun reading this book.  I enjoyed going a long for the ride with these great characters and I think the author did a great job with this book.  You should give this book a try. * I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*  4/5

Cruisin through books ’cause books make life worth livin’ with Aly #RileyAmosReviews, 5/26/2015 part 1

Edge of Tomorrow by Kellie Wallace

I really think Edge of Tomorrow could be a movie.  I could see it in my head very well.  I think movie potential is there for sure!  Alex Locke struggles to save his family and I think Alex is a great character in this book.  He has some very good qualities and some very dark qualities.   But don’t you need both to stay alive when everything else has went haywire???  I think you should check this book out.  I would love to read more from this author!  * I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*  5/5

#RileyAmosReviews, An amazing epic fantasy adventure.

I’m seriously happy I didn’t try to review these books one at a time. I would have gotten lost in the process, I became so engrossed in the books. Wonderful Nicholas, wonderful.

Pearseus Bundle: books 1 to 3 of the Pearseus epic fantasy series by Nicholas Rossis

This is incomparable. I really can’t think of another series that tied the world of fantasy and scifi together so well since Pern, but the way he did it… Beautiful, I usually try to ascribe a visual style to what I read, or put it in context of something I’ve read before, but I’m struggling with this one. This is a truly original viewpoint of fantasy, and I loved it. So many factions, so beautifully written. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the tale, and bow to a master at the craft. 5/5

Cruisin through books ’cause books make life worth livin’ with Aly #RileyAmosReviews, 5/25/2015 ARC part

Artifice: Nights of Shadow by Lianne Miller

 I really enjoyed this book.  I was guessing what was going to happen the whole time.  I love a good mystery!  There were some very good twists and turns in this book.  I would love to read the next book!  You should check it out too. I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*  5/5

Cruisin through books ’cause books make life worth livin’ with Aly #RileyAmosReviews, 5/25/2015 part 3

Fractured – Second edition by Tim Ouellette

This was a book with many stories in it.  I enjoyed many of them.  This book was a little different than what I normally read.  I don’t read too many books that have multiple shorts stories in them but this book had some good scary stories and I enjoyed the chance to try something new.  * I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*   4/5

Cruisin through books ’cause books make life worth livin’ with Aly #RileyAmosReviews, 5/25/2015 part 2

An Unexpected Bonding by Lilly Rayman

So many exciting characters in this book.  I enjoyed it!  I could not put this book down.  I love it!  I hope I get to read book 2. I think if you like the Twilight Series, you will enjoy this book.  * I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*  5/5