#SupportIndieAuthors, Well that’s funky >.> Edition!

Well now…I had someone scheduled to go up two days ago…and for some reason, rather than posting the post, it just disappeared! So I have to apologize to today’s guest. If I have given you a date for your author spotlight, and it doesn’t post, please let me know! I don’t mean to not include anyone or ignore people, I just get a lot of mail and requests for my attention since I started this endeavour. Anyways, I’ll let this wonderful woman’s words speak for herself.

I write dark fantasy (with a twist), paranormal fantasy, and/or romantic horror. Choose your poison.

I’m inspired by music, the past, and possibilities. Also an established full-time professional with my MBA, over the years I’ve moonlighted as a magician’s assistant, a roadie for a metal band, a dance fitness instructor, and even dressed up as a promotional character at public events. I thought, why not explore writing?

I live along the Massachusetts coast with my husband and two children. You’ll likely find us dancing around the house, or out on the water soaking in the sun and breathing in the sea salt air.

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I’m associated with the Independent Authors Network, Horror Writers Association, and Romance Writers Association.

The Nothingness – Addictions Of The Eternal: Book One is the first of a dark fantasy/paranormal fantasy that, at its heart,delves into the world of addiction. The goal is to show how easily we all fall to some form of addiction and struggle through recovery. This story pits an alcoholic who discovers an immortal culture and ultimately finds herself introduced to a whole new high. It is dark. It involves demons both physical and mental. It is gritty and real so adult content comes up as does “human” relationships, but they do not drive the story.

I am new to writing, but sadly have seen so many around me fall to addiction. I am a full-time MBA professional, living along the Massachusetts coast with my family.

1. For bad reviews I have to let the flutter of emotions wash over me and walk away. Then it’s reread and reread because I can’t help the torture, but eventually I’ll look for the lesson to be learned, find something constructive to take away from the criticism. I told myself going into this that I couldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea. I’ll go to the grave screaming that. When all else fails my husband and my best friend smack me around (figuratively) to put things into perspective. I have life by the balls.

2. (this question will probably get me black-balled). I got real tired of reading stories about perfect people. I wanted a story that felt real. Evie’s journey feels real to me; she’s flawed beyond belief but she tries. Now for the cliché part… I had a dream that I was Evie, it’s a vividly described chapter in the book, and it followed me everywhere I went once I woke up–for years. Over time certain songs made me think of the story and only the story… snowball effect from there and BOOM! The Addictions Of The Eternal series was born. Music remains a huge inspiration as do the beautiful people I have in my life; this applies to all my WIPs.

3. Shout out to my family for tolerating me. I slack on chores, I know. Another big shout to my BF Diana. She’s amazing, supporting me from day one and inspiring my writing in so many ways.

4. A big one is writing is hard… real hard. (thank you Blades of Glory for some amazing one-liners). Deciding to go indie is terrifying, but so worth it. I’ve learned the complexities of mixing business with pleasure. I’m going I’ve also learned that I have some of the most amazing friends and family network (I’m talking about cell phone plans). I’m more grateful for what I have more than ever.

favorite color: yep cliché… it’s black.

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