Cruisin through books ’cause books make life worth livin’ with Aly #RileyAmosReviews, 5/6/2015

Becoming Jinn by Lori Goldstein

I loved watching ” I dream of Jeannie” when I was younger.  I wish I had those powers sometimes.  This book was a new twist on this type of Genie world.  Becoming Jinn was a good book for me.  Yes, the author changed the rules for me in this book but I think that makes this series exciting.  Just like with so many ideas of vampires out there, new books have to bring new ideas to keep me wanting to read more.  This is just what this book did for me.  I loved the characters of Azra and Henry, these were my favorites. What is a best friends for if not to know ALL your secrets?  I enjoyed the little twist ending in this book but I did have it figured out with the author by the end.  I will look forward to book two.  I’m wondering what other trouble Azra can get herself into.  I will be waiting!