Soo….a little bit of an update on the weight loss front.

Figure I haven’t done one of those in awhile. Sara and I started doing daily walks in the morning, to attempt to jump start my weight loss from this prolonged plateau, but so far no luck. Still 515 pounds, but I’m still having people tell me I’m slimming. So it’s not all bad, just annoying.

I have been seeing some Training Mask around the internet recently, and seeing how fat is expelled from the body as carbon dioxide, I thought I’d check it out.

I’ve only had the thing one day, but I can tell you that I think it works and very effectively. Being a bigger guy, I have tons of people that try to talk to me about losing weight. They all say the same thing, Walk! And while I completely agree it is the best method to lose weight, when you’re a quarter ton and struggling with each step, not the best advice to give. I don’t have a problem walking, (other than it’s boring to me) but when I do, I struggle to breathe. The pain hurts, and is a major part of why I continue to struggle, but when I’m gasping for air it’s hard to keep walking even when I want to.

I struggled for a way to explain this before, but once I opened their instruction booklet and started to read, I found a passage that explains it perfectly.

The booklet says “The best example of this is a person running for the first time in three years. They start off fine, their breathing isn’t labored. But, before long, they start breathing deeper and faster, and for a short time this works. Once they get halfway down the block, they notice they are breathing faster and shallower, and despite the fact they are breathing faster, they notice they are short of air, winded so to speak. Their legs start to burn, their back gets tight, they start to slow down, and then those beloved side cramps kick in.”

Now, I don’t know about you, but this explains my excistence. I go to take a walk, and before I reach the end of the block, I’m just find myself falling apart. I’m hoping to keep a running update on this, as I use it longer, and continue to walk with Sara. Hopefully I won’t forget about updating it. (Like I did with the Kombucha! Love that stuff, but it’s not an everyday thing anymore. Maybe once a week.)

ADDED BONUS: Something I didn’t consider when I purchased it though, it is a breathing trainer. I meditate on a regular basis, and have for years, but even to this day I struggle sometimes to master my breathing. This helps with that. It forces you to slow down your breathing, making for a nice even inhale and a nice smooth exhale. I used it when I meditated this morning, and now my stomach burns like I’ve been doing sit ups. So not only will it help strengthen your lungs and diaphragm, it will teach you how to breath properly for meditation.

I know I’ve only had it a day, but so far I would happily recommend it to people looking to improve their breathing capabilities. You WILL notice it the first day.

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