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Well now….I don’t see what the point of trying to plan these out ahead is, since it seems like half the time they disappear without a trace! Maybe I think I click the save and miss it or something…bah, either way, if I’ve told you a day you’re going up, and you don’t go up that day, let me know! I’ll get you up as soon as possible. Cause you all should know by now, I ❤ to #SupportIndieAuthors!

Fate’s Fray… a sprawling epic fantasy saga… over 250K words… nearly 70 color illustrations… professionally edited.

BLURB (Part 1):
As most people who dwell in the land of Karnath, the young knight X’ieth Armstrong has limited foresight into his future beyond what the blinded oracles can tell. He is literally master of his own fate, at least until one day his premonitions mismatch reality. His life turns upside down when he’s suddenly dragged into a supernatural problem overhanging the human kingdom that causes social, economic, and political upsets. The ordinary struggles of balancing knighthood and married life become the least of his worries in this epic story about a fight for Karnath’s good destiny.

LINK: http://www.amazon.com/Fates-Fray-J-To…

BLURB (Part 2):
Weighted down by misdeeds from a dark past, the fugitive Kort Al’starz flees from pursuer Sagult in Karnath’s West, the Hirishin Isles. While until now he evades capture, the crimson knight is not so easily avoided. Kort’s encounter with this mysterious figure soon becomes a downward spiral into darkness and death. His wants of redemption might never see reality in this continuation of the epic saga about Karnath’s good destiny.

LINK: http://www.amazon.com/Fates-Fray-J-To…

BIO: James Arthur Tocksworth lives in the southwest United States, and works as a quantitative analyst at a major financial services company. He holds a bachelors degree in mathematics, and both masters and doctorate degrees in engineering. In the area of complex systems integration, he has spent over ten years of his career. When not crunching numbers or writing, he enjoys time with his wife and dachshund. Tocksworth is a published academic author who has always had a passion for fiction writing, and he finally turns his hobby into a dream come true. His breakout novel FATE’S FRAY is available in major ereader formats, to be followed by print and audio books.

WEBSITE: www.fatesfray.com

1. What do you do to keep your spirits up through a bad review?
Generally, when I receive a bad review, I comb over it enough times to understand what I did right and what I did wrong as the author. When I identify the good of a bad review, it boosts my morale. The bad of a bad review is a little different, and I strive not become too defensive. Occasionally, negative reviews can inspire positive change in my writing, and when that happens, the review’s bad is better than its good. Simply said, read between the lines.

2. What has been your greatest inspiration for writing your story?
It’s a bit too personal to discuss “what” I wrote about in Fate’s Fray. I fought a huge struggle on a personal level throughout my life, and that cumulative experience underlies my story. To put it very succinctly, I came upon a situation where I had to fight to get what I wanted out of life–my purpose and the freedom to pursue a calling. Likewise, others face a battle also, a battle for what they are meant to be, a battle for life’s desired outcome that is not wholly chance.

3. Are there any people you feel need a shout out for supporting you?
Family and friends, but we’re all cave people and live under rocks. No “shout out” needed, at least in this forum.

4. Has self-publishing taught you any lessons that you feel will help you in life?
Self-publishing has allowed me to seize a dream, and live on with one less regret. My lesson through all of this has been that it’s truly rewarding to follow your passions, however poorly chanced they may seem to others. Stay true to yourself and do good, and the fulfillment that brings will more than justify your investment.

5. What’s your favorite color?
Don’t see how it’s relevant, but fine. It’s purple, a darker shade.

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Just dropping by to let you guys know, I haven’t forgotten about you!

Been a fun filled week, full of bbq’s, a b-day party, and of course getting a punching bag set up! You wouldn’t believe how much throwing a couple hundred punches can take out of you, and fast! Much more respect for the boxers out there that do it for 12 rounds.

Also been having some fun spending time with friends playing video games. Shadows of Mordor is an excellent game, once you get past all the loading screens. A lot of fun to run around chopping up orcs and making myself a BAMF.

And I just finished a 2nd manuscript for Sara to pepper with her own bits before we start really cleaning it up. That’s 2 projects I’m way behind on, but that’s okay!

Working on a new Science Fiction story called Journey to Atremes-Etrak that I hope to have finished in the coming weeks. And Everyone Dies At The End part 2. Now comes the long hard decision of what to do now…

Anyways, you guys are awesome, and I just wanted to let you know I didn’t abandon you!

(P.S. Alysia is here, too, she’s just focusing on some schooling to further her career. Here’s some positive thoughts heading your way Aly!)