I told you guys I was going to expand a bit into artists with the #SIA tag

Well, let me introduce you to our first wonderful artist, one C.B. Archer of the Goodreads Board fame. Mr. Archer has an ability that shows itself very well in visual imagery. Granted, his work isn’t something I would read (Elfrotica anyone?) But that doesn’t mean it’s not up your alley.

C.B. has been a positive addition to the boards, even going so far as to help other artists that may not have fan art. Included below will be special works, created just from the back covers of books. Surprisingly, every author so far has said he’s come close to hitting a scene, or going for the look, that they wanted. *All of this work was done for fun by him, with no pay exchanging hands. I’m just posting it here, because anything to #SupportIndieAuthors!)

Draw Somethingesk Cards

Renee Ward from Kind of Like Life by Christina McMullen discovering that magic exists!

Draw Somethingesk Cards

Ashima Nayar from The Toymaker by Melissa A. Jensen as she battles a giant mysterious monster in the mines with only her wits, rag-doll, and a piece of glass.

Draw Somethingesk Cards

Here is Mysterious Man at Asteroid Phone Booth from Watching the Watcher by Micah R. Sisk.Draw Somethingesk Cards

Rachel and Roswell steal the Alien’s ship from Rachel, Roswell & The Alien by Dwayne Fry.

Draw Somethingesk Cards

The Crimson Mistress from Rehab For Superheroes, by Ann Livi Andrews! I will admit, my only reference was the awesome name.

Draw Somethingesk Cards

A lady of light inspired by the cover of Nascent Decay (The Goddess of Decay Book 1) by Charles Hash. I am pretty sure that is what she is at least.

Draw Somethingesk Cards

Niomi wearing her new fur cloak from Wildlander’s Hope by Jenycka Wolfe.

Draw Somethingesk Cards

Either Mishi or Taka, they both sound like badasses, from Blade’s Edge by Virginia McClain.

Draw Somethingesk Cards

Here is Hestia ‘Rose Grubb’ from The Revenge of Rose Grubb by Rachael Eyre

Aisling + Leir - CB Archer Fanart

Aisling and Leir from Changling getting ready to fight some bandits, by JP Marshman. – Side Note: I actually read this book!

Draw Somethingesk Cards

Lovonian and the Orc Chieftan take a much needed break from battle in Little Black Stormcloud (Breath of the Titans, #1) by Riley Westbrook.

Please, take a moment to stop by the thread and thank C.B. (Warning elfrotica ahead) if you enjoyed them, who knows you may be able to get your own piece done! And remember if you would like to be featured in the #RileyAmosReviews or the #SIA series, just drop me a line at RIleyAmosReviews@Gmail.com! I love to make new friends, and I’m looking forward to hearing from you! Oh, and Ann Livi Andrews will beat me if I forget to mention that you should Sign Up For The #SupportIndieAuthors Newsletter! (Form is at the bottom of the page!)

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