Looking for some positive thoughts for Alysia!

Yeah, I know, things have slowed down a bit on here. Been a pain in the backside asking for reviews, which makes it harder to find free time to do other things! And Alysia is doing a class for her job, trying to gain some more letters to her name, and is focusing on that right at the moment. She says, “Don’t stop the book train, but I need to focus on this for a few weeks.”

We understand Alysia, and we’re all rooting for ya!

I’m going to be posting a review of a lesson I took called “Goodreads Cracked”. Alinka Rutkowska set up the program, and offered me a free trial of it. It covers a lot of ground, and I completed my first time through it fairly quickly.  So keep an eye out for that, and keep doing what you do! You all have a great day.