4th of July free book blast!!! #SupportIndieAuthors #RRBC #IARTG #ASMSG #IAN1 #FreeBooks #Kindle #Mustread

So, I don’t know if I’ve told you guys this yet, but a few friends and I are offering up some books for free on the 4th of July. I’ve read most of these authors and I can vouch that they are good books. I have to take the time to thank Charles Hash for putting this together, at least one of us indie authors has this organization thing down! Be sure to check these amazing authors out! And if you’re an indie author that would like to be included, get a hold of Charles Hash on Goodreads before the 20th, and we’ll add you to the list!

Dwayne Fry:
The Asphalt Carpet – http://goo.gl/QJWC9E
Cliche – http://goo.gl/2glfgD
Dr. Frenzzee’s Wondrous Contraption – http://goo.gl/BVQxVG
A Ghost On The Lawn – http://goo.gl/5KjxEC
Mr. Meeker – http://goo.gl/QjAisw
Old Pops’ Last Beer – http://goo.gl/gIA9lZ
Very White Jesus

Charles Hash:
Nascent Decay – http://goo.gl/8EQwgb
The Nightmare Virus: Desperation – http://goo.gl/qcmN9U
The Nightmare Virus: Slow Burn – http://goo.gl/ugB2Eh
Promises of Eden – http://goo.gl/ackpkb
Transcendence – http://goo.gl/3dG8hF
Blood in the Water – http://goo.gl/jrdCMj

Ann Livi Andrews:
The Two Lands: Return – http://goo.gl/Csj0ge
Crimson Mistress – http://goo.gl/MbNS3C
Jack – http://goo.gl/xvN7OJ
Em – http://goo.gl/Nz8KLm
Dakota – http://goo.gl/lCH6Di

Christina McMullen:
Past Life Strife – http://goo.gl/wTa28P
Kind of Like Life – http://goo.gl/PFrSTa

E.J. Fisch:
Dakiti (Ziva Payvan #1) – http://goo.gl/ozlRlt
Nexus (Ziva Payvan #2) – http://goo.gl/Iz8x9H

Riley Westbrook:
Breath of Titans Trilogy, Smashwords – https://goo.gl/APkfdt – TX65T
Breath of the Titans: The False Titanbringer – Little Black Stormcloud http://goo.gl/QcGDeL

Owen R. O’Neill:
The Alecto Initiative – http://goo.gl/OfJes0

Jordan Leah Hunter:
The Erl King’s Children – http://goo.gl/pdCYnu

V.M. Sawh:
Hontas – http://goo.gl/pqVDE5

Kellie McAllen:
Soulmates – http://goo.gl/cFctjU

Susan Stafford:
Trouble in the keys – http://goo.gl/II5v8H

Anthony J. Deeney:
Robots Like Blue – http://goo.gl/rwsTl2