4th of July free book blast!!! #RRBC #IARTG #ASMSG #IAN1 #FreeBooks #Kindle #Mustread #SupportIndieAuthors!

Updated list for the 4th of July book blast! 12 authors, giving away 30 books! This is the place to get your next read!

The Asphalt Carpet – http://goo.gl/QJWC9E
Cliche – http://goo.gl/2glfgD
Dr. Frenzzee’s Wondrous Contraption – http://goo.gl/BVQxVG
A Ghost On The Lawn – http://goo.gl/5KjxEC
Mr. Meeker – http://goo.gl/QjAisw
Old Pops’ Last Beer – http://goo.gl/gIA9lZ
Very White Jesus

Charles Hash:
Nascent Decay – http://goo.gl/8EQwgb
The Nightmare Virus: Desperation – http://goo.gl/qcmN9U
The Nightmare Virus: Slow Burn – http://goo.gl/ugB2Eh
Promises of Eden – http://goo.gl/ackpkb
Transcendence – http://goo.gl/3dG8hF
Blood in the Water – http://goo.gl/jrdCMj

Ann Livi Andrews:
The Two Lands: Return – http://goo.gl/Csj0ge
Crimson Mistress – http://goo.gl/MbNS3C
Jack – http://goo.gl/xvN7OJ
Em – http://goo.gl/Nz8KLm
Dakota – http://goo.gl/lCH6Di

Christina McMullen:
Past Life Strife – http://goo.gl/wTa28P
Kind of Like Life – http://goo.gl/PFrSTa

E.J. Fisch:
Dakiti (Ziva Payvan #1) – http://goo.gl/ozlRlt
Nexus (Ziva Payvan #2) – http://goo.gl/Iz8x9H

Riley Westbrook:
Breath of Titans Trilogy, Smashwords – https://goo.gl/APkfdt – TX65T
Breath of the Titans: The False Titanbringer – Little Black Stormcloud http://goo.gl/QcGDeL

Owen R. O’Neill:
The Alecto Initiative – http://goo.gl/OfJes0

Jordan Leah Hunter:
The Erl King’s Children – http://goo.gl/pdCYnu

V.M. Sawh:
Hontas – http://goo.gl/pqVDE5

Kellie McAllen:
Soulmates – http://goo.gl/cFctjU

Susan Stafford:
Trouble in the keys – http://goo.gl/II5v8H

Anthony J. Deeney:
Robots Like Blue – http://goo.gl/rwsTl2

This one’s for you America! #SupportIndieAuthors!

10 thoughts on “4th of July free book blast!!! #RRBC #IARTG #ASMSG #IAN1 #FreeBooks #Kindle #Mustread #SupportIndieAuthors!

  1. I reblogged this – which will send it out on Facebook & Twitter.

    My book officially comes out on July 15th or I would have thrown it into the mix.

    How do I add the “support indie authors” widget ad to my blog to connect to you and Ann especially?

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