A little shameless self promotion never hurt anyone.

Received a few more reviews on my books, though I’ve avoided posting them here. I hear some readers don’t like an author that “Toot’s his own horn” but when you’re just starting out, who else is going to do it! Anyways, back to reality.

We have a lovely post today from one Christina McMullen (#SupportIndieAuthors!) who has apparently been slacking in her own reviews to be posted on her site. You can see what she has to say about mine, as well as several other authors works, here.

Next up, I’ve been collecting as many reviews as I can for Everyone Dies At The End, and I received my two to be placed on blogs! (One I just plum forgot to post…)

I forgot to mention Derek Bailey, as well as thank him for his wonderful review, when he dropped it last month. If you can’t tell, it’s been a long summer so far! A 3 star, but I love how he covers what he liked and didn’t like about the tale. He’s an author in his own right, so check out his works while you’re checking out the review.

And then there’s Stephanie at NovelIdeaReviews. Another 3 star, but one I’m very happy with. I’m really getting the feeling that people will either love or hate the book just based off the ending, and I think I’m okay with that.

Anyways, that’s it. Just touching bases before I go back into “Must find more reviews” mode. *I’m shooting for 100 on Everyone Dies At The End before it releases next year, I’m up to 15, but I need quite a few more!*

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