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Fast Facts:

Author: Angela B. Chrysler
Genre: Multi-genre author. Fantasy, Macabre, Memoir, and more
The Dark Fantasy Dolor and Shadow (Book #1 of the Tales of the Drui Series)
Broken: A Memoir


Angela B. Chrysler The Author of Dolor and ShadowAngela B. Chrysler is a writer, logician, and die-hard nerd who studies philosophy, theology, historical linguistics, music composition, and medieval European history in New York with a dry sense of humor and an unusual sense of sarcasm. She lives in a garden with her family and cats.


In addition to writing, Ms. Chrysler is very active with her online community and social media. Her passion to help others has driven her to launch Brain to Books, an online beginner’s manual for indie authors. Free Author Promotion is her purpose and Ms. Chrysler uses Brain to Books to create and host a number of projects including, but not limited to The Annual Brain to Books Cyber Convention and the annual Brain to Books Summer Blog Tour. She also runs “The Bookshelf” on Goodreads.

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Broken by Angela B. Chrysler

PSYCHOLOGY > Psychopathology > Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

The Official page for Broken is here. Read Excerpts, listen to Audio readings from the Author, and more!

Broken Blurb

Joshua Robertson’s Review of Broken by Angela B. Chrysler

In the writing world, I am recognized as an author and the owner of a small press. There are few individuals who are aware of my – long-standing – profession, education, and related experience. Briefly, I need to share this with you before reviewing Broken byAngela B. Chrysler.
For over a decade, I have worked in the social services field. I have my graduate degree in social work with minors in psychology and sociology. I have been a behavior specialist in residential treatment, a therapist in child welfare, a supervisor in a psychological ward, and I currently train in areas of abuse/neglect, resiliency, and mental illness. I am also well versed in the areas of human trafficking, the neurobiological impact of trauma, and attachment disorders. In my practice, I have worked with hundreds upon hundreds of children and families that have experienced similar scenarios found in Chrysler’sBroken. In reviewing this book, I will be addressing this story through my expertise as a clinician and a practitioner – as a human being – and not as an editor, writer, or publisher.
Broken is raw. Chrysler has done the unthinkable, demonstrating the uncanny ability to capture what most would have no concept of understanding. This story has the complexity of The Prince of Tides by Pat Conroy but written with the flow of Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. This is the type of literature that social workers and psychologists are forced to read during their internships to give them some understanding of what atrocities they will face while working in the field. Broken is a memoir, and although haunting, this story gives an intensely, vivid image of how dysfunction within the family can impact children for a lifetime. But, Chrysler does not stop with such a simple message. Instead, through her crafted language, the reader falls helplessly into the main characters struggle to find some sense of safety, of control, and of self. To give a glimpse into this powerful theme, allow me to share a note from the author.

From the Author…

I wrote Broken from 7 March to 20 March. During that time, I relived thirty years of trauma, and Broken records it all: the triggers, the hyperarousal, the breakdowns, and the panic. I explain the rationale behind my behavior and the thoughts I used to justify my behavior in a philosophical discussion with an interviewer. I show you the four worlds in my head where I lived for more than twenty years, as well as the four fictional characters I created in place of the human relationships I lacked. I record the conversations I have with my fictional friends and lovers as they took place.
Broken shows you what trauma is like for some survivors years later before they even realize they have a problem, and what it looks and feels like to emerge from the mental cocoon I lived in for thirty years. It shows the road I took to awareness while going down that road. It shows how I began my recovery.
Broken is not suitable for all audiences. I will reiterate the author’s own warnings with this novel. Broken portrays sensitive subject matters including animal abuse, torture, and graphic sexual violence. There is strong language, drug reference and is not suitable for some audiences. Please proceed with caution. With that being said, readers will find themselves fighting everything within themselves to not scream at the pages. Readers will find realistic dialogue (external and internal) representing the voices of trauma survivors. Readers will be emotionally charged from beginning to end, wondering how such violence can occur in an ‘educated, civilized’ world. This story is life changing, and the Chrysler is unyielding – and courageous – in its delivery.
Broken is worthy of a reward. It should be shared and read among professionals as well as anyone who aspires to be an advocate against child maltreatment, family violence, or societal mayhem. I have already recommended this novel to many colleagues and professors. Help me spread word of her talent.
I received Broken as a free ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Read a quick excerpt from Broken

Ten years.
For ten years I had suffocated. Yes. It feels like a long slow suffocation. The desperation, the loneliness, the feeling of complete helplessness, lack of control, inability to direct your own fate…all of it.
You kill everything inside of you, anything that makes you feel, you destroy it just so you can live without the pain. After a while, you forget that you feel nothing. You get used to the state of perpetual numb. You forget that you aren’t feeling.
When Isaiah walked through my front door that night I saw his hands.
His hands. Those hands that I had remembered. I never touched him. Not then. I had no idea what he would feel like or taste like. I only remembered his hands.
We were shaking. Like we had been chained to the sea floor for ten years and suddenly, we both were being forced to the surface and experiencing the bends. Our bodies shook, we gasped for air, unsure what to do with so much air. It breathed life into me again. It wasn’t lust. It was need. Obsession? Perhaps.
Relief? So much relief. I didn’t fall into his arms. I wasn’t calm or content. It was a surge of relief so great that I felt my legs give out from under me and he caught me. I fell into him and we both broke. Our bodies trembled so violently we felt brittle and we were certain we would break with how much we shook.
Disbelief. Constant disbelief. That is what a separation like that feels like. It would take us another two years to look at one another and not say, ‘I can’t believe you’re here.’
You asked me if we made love. Yes. We did…during a Winter thunderstorm.
 * * *
 I should end the story here.
If this were a romance, the story would end here. Part of me wants to end the story here. To send you on your way and tell you that you have your biography now get out. You’ll hear no more from me. That is how I should end this. Right now, with Isaiah and I making love in December rain.
That is how it would have ended if…
Maybe I’ll give you a choice. If you want your happy ending, close the book and stop reading right now. Consider the story over and we lived happily ever after in New York. And I never went to Ireland. I never had a problem that was too great that Isaiah couldn’t fix.
Close the book here and pretend I was never broken.

Buy Broken

Broken releases on 11 September 2015…the reason for this date is in the story. For now, Broken is available for pre-order.
Broken will be available this September on Paperback so you can smell the pages!
Broken is a work of creative nonfiction. All events, opinions, and views are that of Angela B. Chrysler and are portrayed through subjective perspective based on the memory of Angela B. Chrysler. While all the events are true, the author has altered and changed the names, places, characteristics, and relationships to protect the identity and privacy of the people involved. Some characters have been combined into one character while others have been divided into two to suit the story.

Dolor and Shadow by Angela B. Chrysler

FANTASY>Dark Fantasy
FANTASY>Epic Fantasy >Norse Mythology & Celtic Mythology

The Official page for Dolor and Shadow is here. Read Excerpts, listen to Audio readings from the author, and more!

Dolor and Shadow Blurb

Erin S. Riley’s review of Dolor and Shadow 

I was a huge fan of sword and sorcery novels growing up, but hadn’t picked one up in a while as an adult. Dolor and Shadow reminded me exactly why I loved the genre, and still do. This novel is big, detailed, and sweeping in scope. The characters are very well done, multi-layered and deep. They don’t give up their secrets immediately, a fact I greatly appreciate in novels of any genre. Kallan is an amazing heroine, strong, spunky, but full of conflicting emotions about ruling. She has to grow up fast and make some selfless decisions for her people. Kallan is also conflicted about her feelings for Rune, the man she owes her life to, but whose kingdom she is at war with. The two sworn enemies have to work together if they want to survive a common threat, leading to much verbal sparring and sexual tension. I love the level of detail the author gave to world building. Norse place names, culture, and snippets of history were seamlessly interwoven into the narrative, making it clear the author did her research. This is a sweeping, epic novel to sink your teeth into! I highly recommend it to all fantasy lovers.

Read a quick excerpt from Dolor and Shadow

Dolor and Shadow the Proof!

Empty and forgotten, the third flask lay among their bags as Kallan stared up at the crescent moon. With every image that plagued her imagination, her sanity slipped further from rational. Huffing, she flipped to her side. From across the fire, light spread up and over Rune, spilling over his back.
Just like Emma, she thought and again sorted through endless variations of Rune and his Englian strumpet.
Hatred swelled, clawing her insides with a maddening rage that urged her to march back to Nidaros and kill the wench while he slept peaceably, free of the demons he beset upon her.
How dare you sleep while I lay tormented?
The words rent all thoughts, stirring awake other memories—barely forgotten memories—of her father as he lay dying and her blood-soaked hands. A wave of hate washed over her, abating all thoughts of Emma, and Kallan gazed at the Ljosalfr asleep beside her. A new darkness consumed her and the eye of the dragon awakened.
Dead men breed no pain.
Her eye settled on the black and reds of Gramm’s pommel.
While he sleeps…he wouldn’t even know…and I could return and conquer Gunir.
Throwing off the blankets, Kallan grabbed the nearest saddlebag and rose to her feet. With full force, she threw the satchel into the back of Rune’s head, jerking him awake.
Before he could turn and assess, before he could comprehend, Kallan took up his sword and unsheathed Gramm, its blade ringing out as if sounding off the opening note to his dirge.
Within two long strides, she came to stand over the Ljosalfar king and gave her battle cry. Seeing the blade turned down, Rune visibly braced for the sword to penetrate his heart as Kallan dropped all her weight onto him and plunged Gramm into the earth.
Blocking her face in shadow, her hair hung free as she heaved. Blood flowed where the blade nicked Rune’s ear. Against the black of Gramm’s hilt, Kallan’s white fists shook. The fire popped as Rune watched.
“Far too long I’ve dreamt of my sword stained with the blood of your people.” Kallan said. “Too long I’ve sought your death. Too long I’ve moved to strike. Even as you pulled me from the rancid darkness and I lay dying, did I plan to kill you and avenge my father’s death. Even now, all I have to do is strike. At the end of it all, I must decide. Should I kill you? Should you die?”
Rune watched, ready for whatever choice she made next.
“I should kill you,” Kallan whispered, “and watch your blood run with the blood of my people. If I kill you, all my troubles end. And I go home to Lorlenalin, my father’s death avenged.”
“And if you’re wrong,” Rune said, “if it was another who stole your father’s life, leaving him to die dishonorably upon the fields of Alfheim, whose life then will you have avenged by wrongfully killing me?”
The heavy burden of understanding weighted down her eyes, and, all at once, there was doubt.
“What wars may come by staining your hands with my blood?” Rune’s hush swept through her. “What lies then will you tell yourself once you’ve lied to your people? Can you risk being wrong, Kallan? Can you risk all the lives that will die and mine, all from your mistake?”
“Why did you save me?” she breathed. “Why did you kill my father only to save me?”
“I didn’t kill him,” he whispered.
“I can’t believe you.” Her voice wavered as the words caught in her throat.
“A king’s head is worth its weight in gold,” Rune said. Her eyes widened with unshed tears as she recalled Aaric’s words to her. “Name your price,” Rune said.
The back of her throat burned as she forced all other thoughts aside.
“Crawl through Svartálfaheim,” she said, “into the depths of Hel, beyond the roots of Yggdrasill, and bring him home to me.” Kallan stifled a sob. “That is my price.”
The chill from Rune’s eyes was gone, replaced instead with a pity that reached down into her and shook the walls she had built on anguish.
“Find the father you took from me,” Kallan bade, “and restore him unto me.”
“I can’t,” he whispered thickly.
Kallan’s dagger was suddenly unsheathed and pressed against his throat.
“Please.” The word tripped on a gasp. A tear slipped from her eye. “If I let you live,” she said, “please give my father back to me.”
He visibly swallowed against the blade.
“Please,” she said.

 A word from Angela B. Chrysler

This is the part where I interview the author, but it felt weird filling out my own interview. Therefore, I will simply provide you with a link to my newsroom where you can read through my collection of interviews or tune in to my radio appearances on Whistle Radio. So…instead of an interview, I will address you directly.
*grin* Hello dearest reader. I hope you are well.
Angel B. ChryslerFirst, I wish to send out my deepest and warmest thanks to all of you for attending the 2015 Brain to Books Summer Blog Tour. I also wish to express my gratitude to the co-hosts for their help and participation in this as well as all the authors who participated.
When I sent out the email back in April, I had no idea there would be such a large response. With 120 authors making an appearance over these 40 days on 20 websites, this truly has been quite an extraordinary experience. And for those of you who have been wondering…yes! The Brain to Books Summer Blog Tour is an annual event. I will be hosting the 2016 Summer Blog Tour next year along with The Brain to Books Book Blast.
In April, I host the annual Brain to Books Cyber Convention. Think comi-con only free…and online. We accept authors of all genres. If you are an author wishing to participate, you can join here. If you are a reader, we encourage you to stop in to any of these events. We are, after all, holding them for you. We have giveaways, games, and new releases coming your way. Updates and information on Brain to Books events can be found at both my sites: Brain to Books and Angela B. Chrysler.
I have two additional publications scheduled for release this year. “To You” is a macabre romance written in the second person. It is a short story scheduled to appear in an anthology published by the very talented Mia Darien. Also, “Bane,” a novella featuring Bergen from Dolor and Shadow is scheduled for release this coming winter.
In 2016, I will be releasing Lorlenalin’s Lies (Book #2 of the Tales of the Drui Series)
Sign up for my newsletter here to receive news and updates on upcoming Brain to Books events and approaching publications!
Thank you again, so much, for your ongoing support. Without the reader, an author is just a writer. Thank you. And may the kindest of words always find you.
Warmest wishes,
Angela B. Chrysler

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 May the kindest of words always find you.

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Brain to Books Blog Tour Elizabeth A Cooper

Brain to Books Blog Tour

Fast Facts

Author: Elizabeth A. Cooper
Genre: YA, Fantasy, Fiction
  • Numbers: Where Their Story Begins from the Numbers Series
  • Terrible Me
Elizabeth Cooper
Elizabeth Cooper is the author of the Numbers series as well as her short story Terrible Me. She currently works as a nurse, while writing in her free time. She lives in southern New Hampshire with her husband, one year old son and boxer. To learn more about Elizabeth and download a free copy of Terrible Me visit


Elizabeth loves helping those around her, this inspired her to become a nurse. She has worked at various levels in the nursing field Sent from my iPad

Blurb for Where Their Story Begins

Numbers Where Their Story BeginsDestiny Sojourns is a senior in high school who has lived her life on the run. The Number on her side marks her difference​ and gives her good fortune. The Necromores want to take away the Numbers abilities and claim them as their own by drinking their blood.
Destiny discovers that fate has placed her as the salvation for the Numbers. She must find the Sacred Garden, a place neither seen nor heard of in centuries. Can she save her race before the Necromores find her or will she be too late?

Blurb for Terrible Me

Terrible MeThe Emerald Thief holds your gaze, turning your thoughts into her own. There’s no stopping the string of robberies that follow her. Until she meets Rebecca, a detective, someone with the same emerald green eyes as her. She can’t understand why Rebecca’s  trying to help her and not just arresting her like she should. What are Rebecca’s plans for Emerald Thief? Will she survive them?


Written by Kimberly Murphy
Numbers takes you on an action packed adventure, tangled with mystery and romance, you won’t want to miss. Cooper leaves you on the edge of your seat yearning for more. This is a must read!
Written by Pamela Lyon
 Excellent book. Once I started reading it, it was difficult to put down. I had to see what happened next!! The characters draw you right in! Enjoyed it a lot! A must read!!!

Excerpt from Numbers

My feelings explode from my chest as if I can’t contain them anymore. Chris, it’s as if I am seeing his features for the first time, the soft scar that spreads across his cheek, the shimmer of his lashes in the sun, the way his muscles flex as he’s holding the clock. I want to run to him, hold him, never let go, but I can’t, my feet are frozen in place. I can’t do this, I would be going against everything that I’ve learned, everything that makes me a Number. But Chris, what would I do without him?

Interview with Elizabeth Cooper

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Cooper: Well no one really calls me Elizabeth, all my friends and family know me as Liz. I grew up knowing I wanted to help people, so I put myself through nursing school and currently work full time int eh medical field. I have always enjoyed reading young adult novels and I woke one morning with an idea. I wrote the idea down and couldn’t stop writing, i kept having new creations and ideas flow through my mind, by the time I was down I had my first novel Numbers in my hands. I live in NH with my husband, one year old son and my boxer mix. When I’m not writing I’m usually hanging with my family, wrangling my one year old and entertaining the dog.
Is this your first book?
Cooper:  Yes! Numbers: Where Their Story Begins is my first released title. I have since completed a short fiction story, called Terrible Me, about a teenager battling the addiction fo power and greed. I am also working on the second and third books in the Numbers series as well as a short on the origins of the Numbers.
What genre do you enjoy writing the most and what is this book about?
Cooper: I enjoy writing young adult novels, it seems all the stories i have written fall into that category, they also tend to be fantasy, about magic, time travel and powers.
Numbers follows Destiny Sojourns a high school junior who has lived her life on the run. The Number on her side marks her difference and gives her good fortune. The Necromores want to take away the Numbers abilities and claim them as their own by drinking their blood.
Destiny discovers that fate has placed her as the salvation for the Numbers. She must find the Sacred Garden, a place neither seen nor heard of in centuries. Can she save her race before the Necromores find her or will she be too late?
What inspired you to write this book?
Cooper: I was inspired by all of the other great young adult authors there are. I have discovered so many amazing stories from indie authors to big time. I love reading and I wanted to create an amazing story of my own.
How did you come up with a title for your book series?
Cooper: The title Numbers came form the Numbers marked on each side of the members of the race. They end up calling themselves Numbers when they discover that the roman numeral is not just a symbol or lettering but an actual Number. Since the them of the stories revolve around them as a race, I wanted the title to clearly portray that. As for the subtitle where their story begins, I thought this was fitting since this was the first book in the series as well as Destiny’s first time discovering who the Numbers truly are and the race she is part of.
Tell us about your cover.
Cooper: The cover was designed on a website called Fiverr, after a few botched designs an amazing artist under the name jeshart. I would give her the description of the book and a few details that were really important. Based on that informations he designed a cover that she felt portrayed the story. After that I was able to work with her to tweet and add images that I wanted portrayed on the cover such as the sword in Destiny’s hand.
Destiny being the main character in the story I definitely wanted her to be a part of the cover, the sword being the most important object also needed the spotlight. I wanted Destiny to look fierce, yet still the childish heroine she is. The background of the school portrays how Destiny had to break out of the school routine and take on the challenge of saving her race.
If you could cast your characters in the Hollywood adaption who would they be?
Cooper: Destiny, I feel would best be portrayed by Dakota Fanning, someone strong and confident, as well as younger in age. Chris I think would be best portrayed by Jamie Campbell Bower, someone also with strong confidence but can show his emotional side.
What does your writing process look like?
Cooper: Usually every morning I get up around 4 am. I write for an hour and edit for an hour. I have a nice office and desk upstairs, for some reason i always prefer to sit at my kitchen table and write.
What book do you wish you could have written?
Cooper: I wish I wrote the Mortal Instruments Series. I love love love those books. There incredibly captivating and always keep me wanting more. I love the relationship between Jace and Clary, I love how they have to struggle like a normal couple would. they learn each others ups and downs yet love each other despite that.
What so you consider your best accomplishment?
Cooper: Until recently I had always though my greatest accomplishment was completing nursing school. I never thought about really doing anything else with my life. Now that I have written and completed a few novels I would definitely say writing and publishing my first book is my greatest accomplishment. I have never faced a bigger challenge, one that I have to continue to fight through, learn and grow. i’m incredibly proud of myself for with standing the failures and choosing to fight despite loosing a few battles.
Do you have any other talents or hobbies?
Cooper: Yes, my husband and I enjoy snowboarding in the winter. Living in NH we get quite the snow storms around here. Sometimes I feel as though I live in a perpetual winter like Narnia, snow boarding helps me stay sane during the winter months. I also play piano, I started when I was 15, I play in my churches band.
What are your current projects?
Cooper: I am currently working on the second and third books in the Numbers series. I am hoping to make a trigly. I am also writing a short story that explains the original origins of the Numbesr, how their race first began. I am hoping to release the second numbers book- Legacy of the Necromores at the end of this year. Tune into the blog for sneak peeks.
If anyone is interested in beta reading I’d love to give you a copy, send me a message
What do you wear while writing?
Cooper: Um… it’s early in the morning so usually Pjs like sweat pants and a t shirt.
Do you have a pet?
Cooper: Yes I have a dig named Remy. He is a boxer mix, our vet seems to think he’s mixed with grey hound but who knows really. He’s brindle with a long lean body and big floppy goals on his face.
What is your biggest fear?
Cooper: To not succeed, this is something I’ve always wanted to be, a writer and to fail would mean to start over and I’m not ready to do that yet.
What is the one place you want to visit that you haven’t been to before?
Cooper: I really want to go to Hawaii. I don’t know if that’s because I have friends that live in Hawaii and I have to constantly look a their beautiful pictures on my news feed or because I actually want go there.

Interview with Destiny Sojourns of Where Their Story Begins

Destiny, as a junior in high school did you ever imagine your life would turn out this way?
Destiny: “No, of course not. I thought I was going to take a year off from college, get a decent job and figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I’d never imagine I would be stuck facing down fate.”
 You have a Number, what does that mean?
Destiny: Numbers have good fortune placed on them, they beat odds they shouldn’t. Many Numbers are in high ranking positions because of there good futures.
 That must be amazing to be Number, I wish I had one!
Destiny: Being a Number comes with a lot of great rewards but many of us have lost family and friends. We are being hunted by the Necromores, they want to take our good fortune away, they want to destroy us. We constantly have to live on the run, hiding and defending ourselves.
What about Chris, didn’t you land the handsome side kick for this heroic adventure?
Destiny: Yes! Chris’s green eyes, short styled hair and even the cute little scar across his left cheek made me head over heels. If only I could be with him, if only I could tell him how I really feel.
Do you think you will ever be able to be with Chris?
Destiny: No, there are details I can’t say right now, but there are rules and if we were together we’d be breaking a lot of them.
What was the most dramatic change for you int he book?
Destiny: Finding out my family’s secret, the Sojourns family being named the ones to save the Numbers from the Necromores. I didn’t know what to do, I still don’t know how I’m going to save them. My mom gave me a giant sword, come one, what am I supposed to do with that?
 Did you like the ending to the book?
Destiny: I wish I had all of this figured out by the end of the book, now there are new threats, new challenges I have to face to save my race, to save the Numbers. I’m not sure I’m going to be able to finish. I’m glad Chris will be sticking around to help me save the world.

Connect with Elizabeth

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If there’s one thing I’ve noticed since I’ve become an indie author, it’s that visibility is usually the biggest obstacle to success. I hear this from indie authors of all ilk, asking how can I find readers if I’m just starting out. Well, one great way is to find where the readers go, and list your book there. There are tons of sites that do this, but they charge you a fee, and I am flat broke. Enter Don Sloan, another author extraordinaire.

Don has started a sight where you can list your work, for free, as long as it is a free or bargain book. There are all kinds of titles on this site, from just about every genre.

So, when he contacted me and asked me to make a post about it, I said, “Why the hell not? What better way to help support my indie author friends than finding them places to get their books in front of readers eyes?” So, without further ado, I give you

Check it out, find your next read, and have an excellent week! #SupportIndieAuthors!

Cruisin’ through books cause books make life worth living with Aly 8/17/15 part 3

Deadly Secrets by Gordon Bickerstaff

This book kept things interesting for me.  I did enjoy the story line.  I like mysteries and thrillers so a blend of the two was very nice for me.  Being that is also a medical thriller is very dear to me.  I had to give this book a chance and I did enjoy it.  * I received this book from the author in a LibraryThing giveaway in exchange for an honest review*  4/5

Cruisin’ through books cause books make life worth living with Aly 8/17/15 part 2

The Season of Lightning by Kate Avery Ellison

I enjoyed this book as well.  I like the author Kate Avery Ellison.  I enjoy her books very much and this one is no exception.  This book felt a little Civil War era to me. I enjoyed the character and the romance and also the adventure within these pages.  This book has many good qualities in it.  I think you should give this book a try.  * I received this book from the author in a LibraryThing  giveaway in exchange for an honest review*  4/5

Cruisin’ through books cause books make life worth living with Aly 8/17/15 part 1

Rarity from the Hollow by Robert Eggleton

This book to me was very different in a good way.  I love the character of Lacy and I love the idea of her powers to help.  This book was unique and I enjoy finding books that to not fit any type of certain mold.  Lucy’s father is a bad guy and I do not like his character but what is a story without good and evil right?  * I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*  5/5