What is Love?



What is love, I ask the sky for the umpteenth time,
though it remained steeped in a silence, incessant,
as it has always been, like the clouds and the night,
no thunders cracked or roared upon the Himavant!


I turned back to life on earth, countless and counting,
to hurl the spear at its face and find the real truth,
to have the why, what, how and who of love being seen,
either in the madding crowd or in solitude!


In the end I stared back at the mirror to face
my reflection and looked straight into its fierce eyes,
I could see a vicious fire with licking flames
with petty values restrained by sour walls, inside!


Could the image, I wondered, tell me what I sought,
so it did, wondrously well and said, ‘Love is God!’




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