Call to Paranormal Authors! #SupportIndieAuthors

I’m a member of a lot of communities on Goodreads, I don’t interact in all of them, but I lurk, read and learn from the other authors and readers of the boards. I usually talk all the time to you guys about #SupportIndieAuthors, but I don’t mention any of the other groups I’m a member of, mostly because I tend to have a one track mind that gets laser beam like focus. It’s something I developed to help with my ADD, even if it only works half the time.

But I digress, I’m here to tell you about another group. This group is an awesome resource for horror/paranormal writers. I’ve managed to get several reviews from these people, all the cost of sending an electronic file when asked.

I’m going to go ahead and let Samantha finish the rest, she explains it so much better than I do:


First I want to thank all the awesome authors for their ebooks donations that kept Lover of paranormal reading challenges going for another amazing year.

This is the one time of the year where I ask for donations to keep our challenge going for another year.

I am looking for only ebooks. Sadly with the major jump in shipping cost this year across the world. I am only looking for ebooks.

You can message me here or you can reach me at

Please use LOP in the title of the email if you are emailing me.

Thank you again and happy new year,


Challenge mod


So there you have it, an entire group that’s waiting and eager to read your work. Stop by and add to their discussion. You never know the new people you’ll meet everyday.