Clueless Blogger – A year later

Some good words of wisdom here for those looking to start blogging! #SupportIndieAuthors!

Myths of the Mirror


After 4 years I still feel like a clueless newbie in the blogosphere. Blogging for me has been more like an adventure without a plan, a book without a plot where the protagonist stumbles willy-nilly through random scenes, hoping for the best.

I pay little attention to stats, and if the insights page didn’t occasionally rear up on its own, I wouldn’t look at it at all. The glimpse is good for a chuckle. I feel a bit like a kid who’s getting close to sitting at the grown-up table.

Blog Stats

In 2012, I blogged for a whole year. I had 7 visitors, 1 like and comments. You would think I’d worked hard at being that bad. Nope, just clueless.

In 2013, I employed the same winning strategy of non-engagement, but my stats improved – I earned 13 comments for the year!

Toward the end of 2014, I realized that perhaps this…

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