Goodbye Traditional, Hello Indie (Part I)

I agree, even though I use a independent press. I’ve learned a lot from the experience though, and I do enjoy the people who I work with. I’m finding in the end, it comes down to choice and preference. What you are willing to do all the work on, what you might need help with. Sometimes a publisher can help and be a boon, sometimes they only get in the way.
In the end, you’re going to work just as hard either way.
By the way, shoutout to BigWorldNetwork for being an absolute pleasure to work with!

Myths of the Mirror

I’ve begun the process of reclaiming my 6 traditionally published books and republishing them myself. I thought it might be useful to document my reasons, particularly for those writers dawdling at this fork in the publishing road, trying to decide which way to go.

I published through a small press, and I don’t want to give the impression that this was a bad deal or that the publisher did anything wrong. It was, in fact, a valuable learning experience, especially for a new author and one as clueless as I. A small press may be the perfect publishing solution for many authors, especially if the words “traditionally published” carry personal weight.

Before I dig in, it’s important to state that – with a few exceptions – this was my experience. It reflects my personality, expectations, and quirks. What worked for me might not work for you and visa-versa. In…

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