Freedom of Expression: A Disclaimer

I think it speaks for itself.


Though it might seem rather out of context, let me take the posting of this piece as an opportunity to wish all my fellow Indian bloggers in WordPress, a prosperous Republic Day!

I’m the supreme sovereign of my words,
the sole strategist, architect and CEO!

I am only what my words paint me as –
a traitor if my words speak of treason,
a heretic if they have heresies
but I know they have nothing but the truth
So I am, if you truly want to look,
more akin to Socrates, a gadfly!

You are my love, my sacred guest and beloved,
so come with a strand of rose if you must,
not with wrinkled scissors that belies your age
for these words are the beacons that I trust!

So in my realms you are regally registered,
until my art finds you guilty of a coup d’état!


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